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  • Make a few hundreds good offencive troops best if cavalry 500+ is good enough, and start raiding oasis next to you, preferable iron or clay ones since they mostly have rats.

    You´ll get into top 10 Attackers of the week very easy and hero will thank you for all the experience that he will have. Funny thing is that it works either your offensive (even better) or if you are humble defender but you´ll have a solid 40-50 level hero ready before arty time. Did I mention you can brag about your offensive points as well, some people might even wonder what massive hammer you have and be scared of you but in reality you are just a weak player. Start doing this as early as possible I usually start doing it 4-5 week.

    works for me... :nope:

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    Retired player, King of Noobs, Hammer maker, Master of Donations, Master res Pusher, Master of Feeding, Master of no attacks, Successful Attacker, Charity Worker, Ex-farm, Secretary, Unfathomable and Indisputable

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  • Always remember, spies are good and don't let anyone tell you different.

    The best and most efficient way to destroy your enemy is to have a spy infiltrate them (Granted you have a team with working brain cells).

    If anyone tells you that this is not fair or is cowardly, just laugh at them. Expecting fairness in a war game is like expecting your enemy to let you off because you just want to 'have fun'.

    Dead. Everyone's dead.

    As4 - Apocalypse

  • At the beggining of the server, when you are raiding or attacking someone always first scout him and then look in the simulator how many troops(resources) you will lose. If you can take more resources that you are able to lose, than your attack/raid will pay off. Do not forget about wall and other deffense bonuses your enemy can have and always make sure you plan a worst case scenario. ;)

    Kralj (COM4) (Balkan x3)

  • Borg, Baltics 5

    Register early in the game, most preferably - on the day 1. On the second day your neighbour will have 5x more resource income than you. Resources are crucial to win this game.

  • Borg, Baltics 5

    Find the best alliance you can. The alliance should be in your region, you will need a helping hand sooner or later! No matter how nice and charming is the person, he won't be able to help you from 100 fields away, at least not in the early stages of the game.

  • Borg, Baltics 5

    Use your time wisely - don't build defensive troops in the very beginning of the game. The crannies are much cheaper, and give culture points. But be ready to produce defence troops a little before the first catapults roll out, it usually happens after the first month of the game.

  • Borg, Baltics 5

    Cooperate with your alliance members as early as the first days of the server. If you are farming, clear nature troops with several heroes, and carry the resources out to several villages. If you try to keep a cleared oasis to yourself, remember, that your neighbours can carry out resources before you can do it alone.

  • A great tip is to have if or if a hiding place of 10 in all your villages, this way when having an attack you can do NPC and spend all the resources.

    With the cache at 10, the resources that are produced during the last seconds will not be used.

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  • Best tip you can get, is not to follow this tips, most of them are pretty bad, cranny to lvl 10 before beginners end???????.......barracks early upgrade without raiding.....12k crany......the dude saying he can settle in 3 days <X<X<X<X<X......You are playing like a cow not like a pro ^^^^^^^^^^

  • GlowDust From COM1


    When clearing early oasis with hero, if you know your hero won't die, send it along with 1 other troop. This will lower the damage your hero take by a few percent. It might seems small but in the early game every percent counts!

  • For the Roman who loves to raid with Equites Imperatoris, after first 30 days improve your EI in blacksmith to level 6. Then you can send 1 EI per village without killing it. This will help you to make full use of your EI's carrying capacity resulting in larger raiding income.

    Focus on raiding high population villages within 1 hour range of EI, micro farming should only come second. :)



    Edit: Improve EI in blacksmith to level 4

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  • Level 4 EIs is enough.


    If you sim early on, don´t listen to the posts above and don´t build any defensive troops. Troops not only cost precious resources but also upkeep. This hurts your economy. Worst case scenario you are asleep and some aggressive teuton wants some XP and kills your units, setting your account back for days.

    Until catapults are out, nobody can really do any harm to you. The crannies you build while under BP for CP production are plenty.

  • 8)Know Your Market Place

    1- Prices go up and down. The start of the server will see extreme prices because nobody has anything and are desperate. You can use this to your advantage depending on what items you need for your plan and what items you

    get. People will pay 10k+ for culture producing helmets at the start and again when the better culture helmet comes out. (Helm of Gladiator and Helm of Tribune).

    Overnight prices go down because less people are active, I can buy cheap at night and re-sell

    Prices will peek again when the server releases stronger items, people will pay 5-10k for the new gear

    Studying the marketplace can really help you use it to make a lot of silver without paying for it. It will record what you were outbid for and what you sold for learn when to put your items on the market and when to buy them and you will get what you need with extra silver in your pocket. Remember it takes several hours to sell. Remember that More people play on weekends and get paid on Friday. You will see the change in prices

    Last night on server 1 I bought two books of wisdom for about 1k and I expect both to sell for about 2200 .

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  • The best tip for a beginner is friends. Not real-life friends, but friends on the server. You won't make it alone. Find a nice alliance and find friends. Not one tip will make you a pro, only many tips and experiences will. A (experienced) friend will help you with this and guide you through the game.

    Server com3x

  • if you play with Egyptians, start by putting the hero attribute points 70/30

    70% in resources. The Egyptian hero produces much more matter than the other races. so it will allow you to grow faster.

    and 30% in fighting strength (to reduce damage in adventures or raids to oases)

    javy256 from tx10.america