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  • Try to run only small parties in your villages till you have the 2000 cp per day from all your villages, then start the large parties from your smaller villages (cause its based on your account wide CP production) and run small parties in your larger villages (because they have more cp per day and small parties are based on cp production). Bit by bit and based on your resource income, increase the amount of large parties you're running on your account.

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  • If you cant spend all of your ress before someone raid you, and you dont have marketplace, you can donate to the alliance to have 0 ress for the raider.


  • Extend your beginner protection if you don't want to raid early and before go out from the beginner protection don't forger to build some cranny, to protect you resource during the time you"re not online. (sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my natal language)

  • don't raid your neighbours before they raid yours.

    spy your neighours with one scout only. No more.


    The Tournament 2020 Qualification Rounds will start on June 16, 2020!

  • Well, I'll try to limit one "Tip" per message as suggested.

    In my view the most interesting is the new updated feature of the Hero to have the resources won during adventures to be stacked just like the other items won in adventures and from auctions.

    Few of the advantages alone from this feature are:

    The stacked resources with the Hero can not be looted by the raiding/attacking army.

    The stacked resources can be utilized in any of your Villages (regardless of where the Hero is stationed), this can be very useful in growing your new Village(s).

    Utilizing Hero's stacked resources, saves time to send resources using merchants, particularly when the new Village is far away from the spawn (or from other Villages).

    Hope this "Tip" would help our new (and existing) members to grow quickly.


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