Looking for a new Dual in the COM X3 Sever (23-3-2020)

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  • Hello,

    With the start of a new server I would like to search for a new dual to team up with.

    I'm from Holland (UTC+1), so I prefer to play with someone that has at least 4-6 hours time difference from me.

    Loads of experience in Travian, playing since 2014 with some breaks in between.

    Most of the seasons I played solo and managed to finish in the top 100 on the Dutch servers.

    Playing style/Tribe doesn't really matter to me. All are common to me.

    Message me if you are interested!

    With kind regards,


  • hi guy. my team 15 mem (from VietNam( +7)13mem and Japan (+9)2 mem.

    We are looking for friends to play with in this round.

    If possible, look forward to working with your team.

    best regards


  • email me


    we can talk

    and i can also dual with u

  • Which region will you play ?

    Europe10x - THOR

    International 3x - Punisher

  • I am available can give 2-3 hours a day +5 30 timezone.

    You can reach out to me on discrd : ketav#2812

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  • Hi I can also provide some help, coming back to the game after 3 years of break, im from Poland, loads of time to play, won few servers, once had a biggest romanian hammer on server, feel free to PM or write Discord Iffed#4618, I can also buy some gold if needed.

  • If some wanna play on comx teuton 2 village 2th 9 crop
    golder preffer or american time zone or some who play on night