The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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    The old guard, Quintus Maximus, didn't like his new assignment and was therefore in his usual bad mood. After all those years of loyal service in one of the Praetorian cohorts, he ended up here? In the library? What could possibly ever happen in this forgotten place, frequented only by nearby academy students and other bookworms? The most boring place in the world!

    He sat idly reading one of the books taken from the endless shelves and contemplating what pitiless time can do to old soldiers. Yet, it seemed this was where he had to be. He felt betrayed by his friend, the hospital doctor. Last time, he looked at the scars Quintus Maximus received in many glorious battles and only sighed without saying a word. Despite that, he talked directly to his commander. And now, instead of being on his way to the lands of Codex Victoria, Quintus Maximus was sitting here, surrounded by dull librarians.

    He desperately missed his fellow guards, who were now heading to those lands to fight for world supremacy. At double speed! This will be the real challenge, and the fact that the regions will be locked back if they are not too populated will again force the commanders to completely rethink all known strategies if they want to keep up with the others. The four-month fight will be intense.

    But he was here. Almost alone, with only two young recruits under his command who seem to be pretty happy that they don't have to leave the capital. The youths of today…

    The loud sound of a fight made him jump to his feet. Was something happening in the secret library? He called the other guards and they entered the room through one of the closest doors. When they came in, they saw one of the librarians, who was slouched on the floor after apparently being knocked out by the thief. The librarian was pale and frightened.

    "Please, help! Catch the thief!" he urged the guards with a weak voice. "I didn't have chance to do anything, the thief was way stronger than me. He was hiding here and knocked me out, before rushing away with one of the books! I tried to stop him with all my strength, but what could I do? He ran out through that door on the other side of the library."

    The guards looked at the door the librarian pointed to and saw the mess the thief had left behind. However, to the librarian's unpleasant surprise, they hesitated to chase the thief. Something was obviously wrong here. The pieces of the puzzle didn't fit together.

    "I would rather arrest you," Quintus Maximus finally said. "Since it's now obvious you're in cahoots with the thief. And thank you! At least now I know, this place is not as boring as I previously thought! Something is definitely in the wind here!"

    The librarian fainted.


    Look at the image and say what was wrong with the librarian's story. Why did the guard suspect he had been involved in the theft?

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  • The doors open to the inside, but there are books at the doors. When the thief opened the doors, it would move the books away from the doors.

  • Server:

    Nickname: mmanic

    Answer: Thief could not exit through the door because if he did he would have pushed the books away from the door. The door needs to be pulled to open from the library.

  • If the thief had left from that door, it would had been impossible for books to be lined up on the inside side of the door after he closed the door behind him. The books have been put there from someone inside to create the scenery.

  • Since the door opens to the inside (Because of the metal things that hold it), there is no way thief could have escaped through there, since the books are laying on the floor pushed against the door. If after making a mess the thief tried to escape through the door, there would be no books pushed against the door.


    nick: maikido

  • Nickname: Wonderedspoon

    Server: COM 4

    Answer: The door the thief is alleged to have fled through opens inwards into the library. If the thief thrashed the library in search of the book before making his escape through this door, then there would not be any books blocking the door as they would have been swept aside.

    Therefore the librarian must have let the thief run off with the book, and made a mess afterwards to cover it up.

  • server: com4

    Name: mist1321

    Answer: There was no way for theif to run through that door since it need to be pulled but theres a bunch of books lieing right there so opening require to pull them aside.

    extra: why did the theif steal a book when there is some jewlery on the right side of the book shelfes? the theif is clearly the librarian who took a book made a mess and wanted to make it look like a robbery but it backfired.

  • Nickname: " Sabator " World: Ts4
    Quintus quick wit and observational skills quickly pointed out that the various books in front of the door had not been disturbed, clearly showing that the door had not been opened recently and that the story of the librarian had a pretty big hole in it.

    An older soldier might not be the most desired one in the battlefield but his experience and wisdom will serve him well.

  • id : bugrider - COM4

    It's the book and the door.

    If the thief is rushing, the door should be left open, yet the door is closed and there are book that fall behind the door..
    With common sense we can conclude the librarian make a mess after the thief left, IF there are any thief..

  • Machiavelli - NLX

    If the thief would have run through the door as shown in the picture, the books in fornt of the door would have moved. The books are still laying in front of the door.

  • 1. The door in the picture opens inwards. The direction in which the door opens is apparent from the hinges, the door handle and also the door is build inside the room and not on the other side of the wall.

    2. If the thief ran through that door, he would have to pull the door and this would result in clearing the books lying near the door.

    3. Since the books are still there, it means that the door was never opened.

    From the above three observation, we can see that the librarian lied.

    IGN: Kai

    Server: com1


    COM 1 | Kai

    Anglosphere 2 | FluffyUnicorn

  • DDT - COM 4
    The books on the floor in front of the door would not be there if the thief had just left through the door; they would have been swept aside when it was opened. Hence the librarian must have thrown them on the ground to simulate a fight after having already helped the thief (who he was in cahoots with) steal the book.

  • Forgot to state my ingame nickname and server:

    Nickname: Tea Tees

    server: us server COM 4

    answer again: The doors open to the inside, but there are books at the doors. When the thief opened the doors, it would move the books away from the doors.

  • Rob Santa


    The door pulls open, as evidenced by the strap hinges on this side. The debris in front of the door means that it was not pulled open recently.

  • Quintus ran in through the closest door and rushed out through that door; the door which is shown in the image. The door opens inward as the hinges and the ring indicates. But the books are lying on the floor in front of the door, which is impossible if the door was opened or closed. The books would have been pushed away from the door. So Quintus felt the librarian had passed the book to the thief and closed the door and then made a mess in the place. or that the librarian himself was the thief.

    server :

    nick : Walrus

  • The books in front of the door should've been moved to the left once the thief opened the door to escape.

    Name: Zireael

    Server: Travian NL x3