The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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  • nickname: woonie

    If the mess was made before the thief had escaped, and the door was opened and then closed again while the librarian was knocked out, the books would be pushed away from the door and not be against the door after the door was closed as seen in the picture. This means that the librarian either

    1. caused the mess after allowing the thief to escape through the door in order to fake a struggle and pretend he is not in cahoots with the thief;

    2. caused the mess while never opening the door, which meant that the thief was still within the library or left through another door, and then lied to misdirect the pursuers; or,

    3. is the thief himself.

    Either way, the librarian had lied and was indeed suspicious.

  • Blue Force - Com4 - The room door is closed with the material against the closed door. The thief could not escape via the door as opening the door would have moved the material in the way.

  • Nickname: Margriet101

    Server: COM X3

    The door on the picture opens to the inside. There are books laying directly against the door on the inside. If the thief would have escaped through that door the books would have shifted and it would not be possible for books to lay directly against the door. The librarian probably staged the mess.

  • The thief could not have escaped through the door because it was blocked from the inside by piles of books. Either there was no thief or the librarian covered his accomplice's escape



  • The door wasn't opened at all. With the door hinges stick on the inside of the library, the door must be pulled to be opened. However, the books was lying underneath the door, which, should have been push aside if the door was opened. There maybe other doors, but the one was the picture was pointed out by the knocked down librarian, thus, he was lying and can be considered to be the thief's associate, or maybe the thief himself.


    COM x3

  • Ghoul - com x3

    The librarian said the thief rushed through the door at the other side of the library. It could be seen from the structure of the door hinge that it would open to the inside of library. It would be impossible for the books to be piled in front of the door if the thief truly ran through that door and there's no accomplice.

  • In-game nickname: vimto95

    Server: COM 1

    What is wrong with the librarian's story?

    The librarian stated that the thief ran out through the door however the door is closed in the picture. Furthermore the door has not been opened at all because books are slumped against the door. Had the door been opened the books would have pushed away from the door.

    Why did the guard suspect the librarian had been involved in the theft?

    The guard suspected the librarian because the books on the ground must have been planted. The shelves look tidy and full of books so the librarian must have had something to do with the crime scene.

  • Well in my opinion...

    If...the thief was hiding there...then how can he stop him? I mean if the thief was hiding there and he doesn't know it he probably already knocked him out even before he can do anything...he looks pale and frightened because the thief threatening him but then he refused and the thief knock him out so he cant do anything...and the books...why there's a lot of books behind the door...i suggesting that the thief doesn't take one book only but a lot...if i count it its probably 10 or 11 books there which is mean...on the other option he help the thief the the thief knock him out...

    Sorry if i was wrong:D

  • Door's handle indicate that said door is set to be pulled open, books scattered right in front of the door shows that whoever went through that door couldn't make that mess, librarian is lying, he's the one that "tried" to make it look like a theft crime scene.

  • Hello,

    The librarian shut the door and put some books in front of it, because it is impossible for the thief to put those books after leaving and shutting the door.

    ingame name is lebknight

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  • The books were fallen right behind the closed door means they were fallen after the door was shut. It should be the mess created by the one inside the room.

    Nickname: flicka1713


  • rostomoto from Travian.Com 3X server

    the books are placed there so that it is obviously droped there after door was closed. you can't close door after books are alligned like that.

  • there are some books behind the door although the door opens to inside of the room so the scene is a set up

    i forget to tell my id

    my id is Aryan on server 4

  • Books are attached to a closed door which aint posdible if someone went out of the same door. Books should have been little bit far from closed door.

    ign- italy

  • The door opens inwards into the library, therefore if the thief had escaped through it, then someone inside the library must have then piled the books against the door. Proving that the librarian was in cahoots with the thief