The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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  • If the thief really ran out through that door the books on the ground next to the door would have been scattered as those doors are clearly made to be opened by pulling.

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  • Because ther is books infront of the door that he pointetd at therefor it was not possible that the theif could have ran out of it cause it is a door that opens inwards towards you and the books are in the way

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    My answer: If the thieve ran away from the door which shows in the picture there couldn't be book right next to it. In order the door to open and shut there should be free space. Therefore the book put behind the door by someone inside the room and that is why librarian is not telling the whole truth. The book behind the door is the give away.



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    the answer:

    1. Why are librarians suspected?

    because of the old guard, Quintus Maximus looked at the door the librarian mentioned that the thief ran away through the door, but apparently the door did not appear to be open but seemed to be closed as if someone had not come out of there

    2. then the second Quintus Maximus suspects the librarian because, maybe the librarian is the thief himself. the librarian might come with a friend, and they look for one of the important books in the library.

    3. when one of the thieves, the librarian, finds the book he is looking for, then another thief, namely the theme, forces him to ask for the book so a fight ensues.

    4. when the librarian loses the fight, then he pretends to be persecuted by the thief.

    5. So my answer is that librarians are thieves !!

  • If the thief had escaped through that door, the books on the ground would have been pushed aside to the left from opening the door.

  • If the thief had escaped through that door, the books on the ground would have been pushed aside to the left from opening the door.

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  • The books are placed in a way that suggests the door was never opened for the thief to leave! Crocodile is more observant than me give him a prize!! My first guess was bad :D

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    My answer

    In the picture, there are so many books in front of the door. The loud sound of a fight was heard by Quintus Maximus. He saw one of the librarians, who was slouched on the floor after apparently being knocked out by the thief. But not found a thief. He said the thief ran out through the door. In picture, there is no sign of opening of the door once. So the librarians pointed wrong direction. This is why the guard suspect he had been involved in the theft.

  • The right answer is:

    Books are too close to the door, if the thief was running out, opening the door should move the books away from the door. So, I suppose, that after the thief left, another one was messing there, but incorrectly.

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  • In order to get in the secret library the thief would have needed the door unlocked, so he would have either had to attack the Liberian out side the secret library in which case the mess wouldn't have been inside the secret library or if he had waited till the library door had been opened then the librarian would have had the key on him during the fight so that would have been on the floor, which is not the case. There was also no mention of the librarian having any injuries other than being pale so how could he have been knocked out.

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  • The fact that the books are lying so close to the door indicates that no one could leave through them after the mess was made. The librarian must have made the mess after his accomplice left.



  • The books are in front of the exit from inside and the thief couldn't do it by himself. Someone from inside should have put the books in front of the door.

  • If thief went out of that door, the books that fell on the ground against the door should not be there as the door opens towards the inside. Hence this created suspicion.

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