The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

  • Well it's obvious that it is possible to open the door only to the library (indoor). So if the thief left FROM the library, he could not place books after he closed the doors. Therefore the librarian was involved with the theft because he throwed some books on the groud behind the doors so it looked like a fight.

    Good story, keep it going :)

  • The mess of books that suposedly was left behind by a thief are all in front of the door. If the thief ran thrugh the door he would have pushed the books away from the door. This means that books must have been placed in front of the door after thief ran away or there is also a possibilte that there was no thief and the librarian just placed them there to cover up his tracks after he stole the book himself. Either way the librarian is somehow connected to theft.

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  • The books are stacked against the door, which is definitely not expected as if the thief escaped through the door, there should have been some clearance behind it.

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  • books and stuff behind the door

    They show that no one left the room

    If some one opened the door those stuff should be moved by door

    So no thief ran away



  • The books in front of the door suggest it hasn't been opened; if the door had been opened, someone had to clear the books away to open the door, and when it closes the books won't fall "back" in front of the door.

  • I think I get what was wrong with te librarian story, he said that the burgler has left the library trough the door in the image, but the door opens to the interior of the room, and there is books blocking the entrance, se there is no way someone has reacently go trough that door, and there is no point going after someone cause they didn't came across anyone on the way there, and there is no other way out of that room, unless you use a secret passage, in which case is better to interrogate the librarian to know where is the passage, and who does he work for.

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    The books by the door.

    If the thief had ran out of the door as librarian said, the books would have moved away from door if the door opened and closed.

    Clearly the room was made to look messy, but from inside the room.

  • The thief did a neat job of throwing the books in the way of the door after he had already left . Seems like he was a wizard as well as a master burglar

  • The door swings inward, yet they are books directly behind it. The librarian would have had to place them there after the thief escaped.

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  • Hello, sorry for bad english

    I think wrong is these doors and thieft couldnt make these books on floor beside these doors because these doors opening in other direction :) Hope You will understand my explannation :) My name is Gytis and I am from Lithuania . I am 28

  • the books behind the door
    how can he run and put the book behind the closed door

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