The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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    Answer: The guard suspected that librarian is involved in the theft because the door opens from the same side that the books was blocking. So it is impossible to close a door and leave a mess behind like that. cause the doors wouldn't be closed :")

  • The door he is pointing to opens inwards.

    There are books right in front of it on the floor. That means the mess on the floor happened after the door was shut.

    He said he was knocked out by the thief and the thief couldn't have made that mess after he left, shutting the door behind him.

    It is unlikely that the librarian was holding a pile of books that he dropped on the floor after being for example, punched in his head, falling while the thief made his escape, shutting the door behind him,

    as the librarian stated that he tried to stop him with all his strength.

    Besides... how could he know that he rushed away, and seeing his escape path if he was knocked out. Knocked down...maybe.

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  • The librarian said "I didn't have chance to do anything, the thief was way stronger than me. He was hiding here and knocked me out, before rushing away with one of the books!

    The library was a mess as if a struggle had taken place which proved that the librarian was in on it! His story didn't match the scene of the crime, and Quintus Maximus noticed that detail proving that he was not as foolish as the culprits thought!

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  • Mess left behind could't be positioned right next to the door if someone just had opened the door and ran out.



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    The guard didn't believe the librarian because the books were thrown against the inside of the door after it was already closed. If the thief made a mess than ran out of the door, there couldn't be books against it because it swings inward.

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    Ans - The hinges of the door are inside, which means that the door opens inside. If the thief ran through the door indicated in the picture, then while opening the door, the books on the floor near door must be swept away from the door. But, the books on the floor are still close to the doors, blocking the opening path of door. Hence, thief running through that door isn't possible. Therefore, Librarian was lying.

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    It is because books are under the door.

    While escaping the thief would first ruin the library and than escape openning the door and pushing books with it.

    The books hasn't been pushed, which means it was librarian who did all the mess right after the thief was gone.

  • The door opens towards the room, but the books and other debris are strewn directly in front of the door. Since the door can't open over the debris without pushing it aside, it wasn't open before or when the stuff was knocked over in the 'struggle'. It had to be thrown there after the door was closed which the thief supposedly went through. Either the Librarian is lying about the thief going that way, which would mean they are working together and trying to throw off the guards, or the librarian threw the stuff in front of the door himself after the thief went through and closed the door behind him to make it look like a struggle had just taken place after the fact, when the thief could safely be away. Either way, the librarian is in on it.

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  • Because the door is still closed, the thief is not coming in from outside. So the thief is likely the librarian's story

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    Look at the image and say what was wrong with the librarian's story. Why did the guard suspect he had been involved in the theft?


    Looking at the picture, we can see that the door is still closed, as well as the fallen books are still close to the door. If the thief ran to that door, he would not be able to close it carefully in such a hurry. Or if the thief is calm enough to close the door, the books can't be close to the door like that, the books have to be moved and a small distance away from the door because the door will have to open and push them. close when closed.

  • Books stand in front of door, if someone would go out, there would be space between door opening path - in this case Books stand close, so no one have left the room.



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    If the thief had left from that door, it would had been impossible for books to be lined up on the inside side of the door after he closed the door behind him. The books have been put there from someone inside to create the scenery.

  • The books and the door.

    The hinges on the door are such that the door would open inwards.

    If the thief ran out of the door, the books at the bottom of the door would not be there, they would have been pushed aside because of the door opening.

    In the picture, the books are still there, right behind the closed door, so the door was never opened.


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    The door appears to only open inwards (by pulling it) and the books that lay in front of the door indicate that it has not been opened recently with the exit of the thief. The librarian is therefore trying to lure the guards in the wrong direction and worked together with the thief.

  • The door is closed with scattered books in front of it. It opens inwards, so they would have been pushed away had the door been opened by the thief to escape, therefore the thief must have escaped using a different exit and the librarian is lying.

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