The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

  • By analyzing the picture provided,i come to the conclusion that librarian is lieing

    my analyze is as follow.

    Books are scattered near the door and no sign of someone exiting through it. if someone had exited through that door,books would have moved in the direction of the door swung open.

    if someone says door can be opened the opposite direction without disturbing the book - i will say door fitted inside the building always open inward,as safety precaution,plus the hinges fitted shows door opens inward.

    The librarian was pale andfrightened

    maybe because of guilt or fear of getting caught.

    librarian ransacked the place after the thief left the scene.

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    The librarian said that "He(the thief) ran out through that door on the other side of the library." but, there are unmoved books blocking the door - indicating it was not opened. And therefore the "thief"(or the librarian) is still in the room.


  • The books are in front of the door. not behind. it means the thief could not place the bookd in there himself. So librarian is the one who throwed the books in front of the door to stop guards from chasing the thief.


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  • If the thief went threw that door and there was mess before he went threw, the books could have never been right before the door, but pushed away from it. So The mess must have been made after the thief left threw the door, that is why the guard suspects the librarian being involved in the theft.

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  • There are books in front of the door, so it could not have been opened after the fight that would have knocked down the books. So we can conclude that no one ran out that door after the fight and the librarian was lying.


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    The books are blocking the door therefore the thief could not have knocked them down in that way and then left since he could not open the door and have the books left like they are in the picture

  • Rayzen

    there are book on the floor too close to the door, if the thieve opend the door and escaped from there, the books would have been a little bit away from the door.

    also the librarian said he was knocked out then he said he fought the thief with all his might.

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    There were books laying in front of the door. if the door was closed behind the thief there couldn't possibly be any books right behind the door cause it would have moved with opening the door.

  • There are books lying just before the door. The librarian placed the books before the door in order for the place to look messy. And he must have done it and not the thief because the books are so close to the door that the door (which is opening to the room) could not have been opened by the thief.

    Basically, the thief first left and then the librarian placed the books there.

    I hope it makes sense.

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  • Source Code
    As it seen in the picture the door opens into that side where books are rolled over (door hinges are in the same side alike) therefore means that door wasn’t opened at all. Let’s focus on librarian’s story. He said that theft ran out through the door he pointed, wich means theft had to pull the door, which also means any items on the ground had to be cleaned, but books are still on the ground next to the door making an obstacle to open it. So basically this view means that books have been placed purposely by the librarian because he was inside that room after allegedly escape of theft.
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  • If thief would ran out through that door, there would be no books laying on the floor next to that door...


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    explanation: The books that are thrown on floor was thrown after the door was closed, so that means that someone did that after the thief run away, which doesn't make sense beacause even if he closed the door after him, books could not be right next to the door and that impicates that the robbery is staged :)