The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

  • Since the door opens inwards, if the door had been opened the books wouldn't be against it, they'd be pushed out over the floor according to how far the door had been opened

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    The books on door that are all over the floor have not been cleared. The door can only be pulled to open if the theif used that door the books should have moved.

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    when we look the hinge of the door, we can see it opens through inside of the room. there are books next to the door and if the door was opened by the thief, it must have pushed books away from the door. this means thief didn't run away with using this door and the librarian lied.

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    Answer: The books are blocking the door. The thief cannot open the door without pushing the books aside. So, the librarian is telling a lie.

  • I think his suspicion is due to the fact that there are books blocking the door (which apparently opens inwards) So if the thief had escaped through it, the books should be out of the way.

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    Answer: If the theif escaped through that door, then there can't be a stack of books on the foot of the door. That stack should have been brushed aside, leaving the path clear.

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    First the door appears to have a lock.Second the story states that the old guard was "almost alone with only 2 recruits inside".Judging from that it's common sense to believe that the librarian was offduty when the guard stumpled across him and that the door should have been locked ,with only maybe librarians having the keys together with the guards.

  • door opens to inside, so thief can not have used it bcs books are still in front of it

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  • The books are blocking the door from the inside, so the thief couldnt have rushed out of it. ( since it clearly opens towards the inside, looking at the hinges)

  • the books are at the base of the door and it havent been move, meaning the door never swing open, which also means the libarian is lying and must be in cohut with the thief.

  • There are books in front of the door that opens into the library, so the thief could not have escaped through there. If he did then there wouldn't haven been any books in front of the door.

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  • The Gaurds noticed that the books were near to the door as if they were thrown after closing the door. As if the books were disturbed before the thief opened the door to exit, the books would not be nearer to the door.

  • I think it is because the door is closed, which the theif wouldn't stop to do as he is running at full speed to escape.

    And also the fact that there are books strewn in the way of the door.

    So the Librarian must have watched the theif run off, closed the door after him, and then threw books in the way

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    The piece that doens't fit is that the books are in front of the door, if the door would have been opend to the inside it would not be possible for the books to lie there.

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    The books are blocking the door if he ran through there he opened and closed the door so it would not be possible to have books in that position blocking the door.