The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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  • No one did go out trough that door on the picture because the books are to close to the door. If the thief would go out there the doors would knock books away. And because the books are still there, close to the doors, guards knew nobody left the libary trough that doors.

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  • According to the image there are books behind the door which opens towards the library. It was impossible for these books to be there unless someone inside the library placed them inside as opening the door would push them away.


  • There is a pile of books against the door the librarian pointed at. If the door had been opened, they'd have been pushed away from it.


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    my answer to the riddle is that if the thief had escaped like the librarian mentioned then the fallen books would have been pushed further behind from the door while the thief opened the door. Since, the fallen books are lying right next to the door it was clear to the guard that the mess was created by the librarian after closing the door letting the thief escape.

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  • The door opens inwards, and there are a pile of books blocking the door. This means that the theft was staged by the librarian.




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  • The exit door is closed still books are lying in front of that. If the thief ran away from that door the books wouldn't be lying behind the door. It's seems clear that librarian has thrown the books on closed door to cook the story of a thief running out with the heist.


  • The books nearby the door. If the thief got out on that door, the respective books could not been there...They have been thrown there after the door was closed.

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    Because of the mess that left behind. How can thief mess back of the door after leaving?! or if he put that books in the back of the door then how he left from that door?! Because door opens inside!

  • I think The Thief Came For Jewelry... And The Necklaces Is On the Book Shelve.As The Story sais All Doors were Closed.So How THE THIEF Forget the Necklaces and run away from the closed door?The Thief must still be in the room...

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  • The door could not hvae opened, because the hinges are on this side, so it opens to the inside. However, there are fallen things in front of the door. So, either the door never opened, or after the thief fled, the librarian placed those things there, to give the impression of a struggle. Either way, the librarian must have been involved.

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    Answer: The door swings inward (into the room), but there are books piled up on the floor undisturbed in front of the door. The librarian clearly threw the books onto the floor after the thief had already left to create the illusion of a chaotic struggle.

  • They suspected that the librarian’s story is not right because there are books laying at the bottom of the door. If the door has been opened then the books weren’t supposed to be laying that way on the floor at the bottom of the door.

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