The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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    Solution to Problem:

    If the thief ran out of the door, there would be no books under the closed door as it needs open space to close shut.

    The books were dropped under the door when the door was closed and it has not been opened after that, otherwise the books would have moved aside.

  • Why did the guard suspect he had been involved in the theft? i think the door in the picture should be pull to open.while the book in front of the door didn't move when the thief was the book is mess up after the thief escape .the librarian is the one who mess up the place.

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  • If the thief had left through that door the books would've moved when he opened it, but they're still right behind it

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    The books on the ground are just next to the door. If someone had opened the door and closed again, the books would be spread out from the door. Therefore it's not possible that door had been opened. Librarian is lying.

  • As we can see from the picture the mess of books mentioned in the story exists but just in the way of the doorway and the door is shut so the thief could not have done the mess and then fled using that door indicating that either the librarian is the thief or a partner in crime and the thief is still in the place


  • The door opens from the inside, yet all the books are piled up at the door, meaning, doors were most likely not opened (no thief ran out), as if they were, the books would be pushed aside. This means that librarian is either the thief or he's directly involved with the robbery.

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  • Hello,

    if the thief escaped from that door, the books shouldn't be scatters behind the door; since the door swing is toward inside the room.

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  • The thing that was wrong in the librarian's story is that he said the thief ran away through that door, but in the image, you can see that the door is opening back, in the direction to our position. Also, you can see there are books in that direction, so if the thief really ran away from there he should open the door and the door should move the books, what didn't happen. That how the guards understood he is lying.

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  • They suspect him as the thief because the door he is indicating that the ‘thief’ went through is blocked by books meaning that it would be impossible for the thief to go through the door. They were placed there.

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  • There are books on the doorway while door os closed! Since the door opens inside and if the thief would have gone through that door after knocking down the librarian then those books would have been away from the door due to opening of door inside! It clearly shows that librarian was involved as either he let the thief ran and then closed the door behind and throw books to make it like a theft!

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  • If the thief would have opened the door then the books near the door wouldn't be so close to door as the door open inward. Hence no thief have left from the door, it was a fake story build by the librarian to steal.

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  • It is obvious that the librarian's story is wrong because,

    He claimed that the thief caused some mess and then fleed from that door. However, the door's form is so that it can only be opened towards inside. With all these books and tomes sitting there right where the door should be opened to, it's not possible that the thief opened the door, closed it and then placed those books. These books and tomes must've been placed "after" the door is closed. Just as if someone inside is trying to prevent someone from coming inside by blocking/barring the door.

  • The door was closed and the hinges were on the inside of the library. Therefore either the librarian is the thief himself or he closed the door after the thief, which would contradict him being knocked out or incapacitated. If the thief was not the librarian himself, he must have been let in by the librarian as the doorhinges were on the inside of the library.

  • Hello

    The books in the ground closed to the could not be there ( see movement of the door) after the door was closed. So someone placed those books on the floor after the door closed.This means that or the Librarian did it or was in associated with a thief.

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