The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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    I believe the answer lies in the fact that the door is closed. The thief would not have had time to close the door based on the fact that the hinges suggest that the door opens in towards the library. Also, the librarian would not have had any chance to close the door if he fainted.

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    Since the door hinges open inward .And the books are thrown behind the door, it is clear that the door has not been opened and the thief has not escaped from there .but the librarian said He ran out through that door.
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    the thief could not have escaped through that door since there are books in the entrance and the door opens to the inside which means in order to escape from that door the books would have been swept away by the door.

  • Dear Maximus,

    I can tell that your observations skills are still fine. Indeed, the thief is no one else than librarian as they are books in front of the door which should open in the direction of the Library, making it impossible for someone to have escaped by this route.

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  • The door had not been broken. Since the librarian had been hit, how was he able to know that the thief escaped with a book? The necklace on the rack was untouched, as were other items of value. And finally, if the thief had already found the book he wanted, how long was he in the room? It was in the same place as the librarian, a space in which, as far as can be seen from the picture, there was no place to hide. Plus, as long as there were guards inside the library building, there must have been some familiar person, someone who would pass by unnoticed.

    In addition, some of the shelves remained completely untouched, which means that the thief was looking for - and so knew - a particular pattern of book sorting. It was clearly an inside job. Either he was the librarian himself, or he worked with the thief.

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    Guard suspected the librarian because the door was blocked by books and some of which are open. So it is not possible that the third ran out from that door.

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    There are still books underneath the door and it seems like you would need to pull the door to get out. Therefore, if someone ran out of the library through the door, the books would be moved out of the way when you pull the door.

  • Books are in front of the door. the door swings in. therefor the the thief couldn't have gone out the door after making the mess or the books would not be where they are.

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  • Those doors only open to the inside of the library because of the way they are mounted so if the thief was to escape through them he had to open them by PULLING which means that there is no possibility for books to be lying on the floor in front of the doors since the doors would have swept them away. And thats why Quintus Maximus instantly realised that the librarian must have been involved. server : COM x3 ( , nickname : jnyu

  • The mess is near the door which looks to open only inward. If the thief had opened the door after creating a mess, the books should be shifted to the left, which is not the case. Instead it looks more like the mess was planted after the door was already shut, and the only person in the room who could have done it was the librarian.

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  • The books are in front of the door, which would not make sense if the librarian had been knocked out and the thief left after stealing a book (and closing the door behind him.) Also, it sounds strange that the librarian was knocked out but then still managed to see where he left, after being ambushed, and also, someone from the inside must have been involved for those books to be blocking the door from the side that the thief did not leave from -- OR, the thief did not leave from that door, and the librarian was trying to misguide the soldiers, as the door had books in front and therefore could not have been opened to use as an escape route. Either way, the librarian -- one of the only people there other than the guards that the praetorian had had an eye on -- was helping the thief somehow.

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  • The reason why the guard had suspected he had been involved in the theft is due to the books at the door. The librarian lied saying the theif went through the door but from the look of the door, it can only be opened in one direction and if it was opened in that direction the books wouldn't be placed agaisnt the door like it is in the image. Therefore the guard decided, that the librarian had lied.

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  • It is obvious, the books are at the door, if the thief made that mess and run away through that door how did the books end up there after the door was shut :D

  • the door opens toward inside the the room and there are some books on the ground behind the door showing that the door has been closed all the time


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  • The thief didnt take the chest from the library, the only way he wouldnt take the chest is if he knew it had nothing valuable in it, which he would know if the guard already told him that.

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    Quintus Maximus knew, because of the books on the ground, right in front of the door. The librarian lied and we know this because the door on the other side of the library opens inwards and the books are dropped in the way of the door when it opens/closes. Therefore, we can confirm that the books were dropped on the floor after the incident to stage a theft.

  • At the top right of the page, there is a jewel between the books and the library is for the books, not to hide the jewel! And the door he showed to the guards is blocked by books. If he is not a thief himself, he must be his partner!8o<3