The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

  • The door opens inwards and there are books piled up towards it. If the thief had run through it, there wouldn't be any books laying next to the door.

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    If the thief really rushed through that door, the books couldn't be near the door. It looks like someone put the books there without opening the door.


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    If the thief had ran out through the door that's on the image, the books on the floor wouldn't be spread like that.

    They're placed right next to the door, what indicates that after the thief closed the door someone had to go there and put the books in that position, they would never be in that position if someone had closed the door behind himself, hence the librarian's story is at least partially fake, and that's the reason that made the guard suspect he had been involved in the theft.

  • Quintus Maximus was suspicious towards the librarian, couse the door he pointed that the thief was away was blocked woth books, so that when the thief opened the door - there would not be a single book on the way! That clue led Quintus Maximus to the conclusion that the librarian was helping the thief!!!

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    The door can be opened inside only as shown in the picture but the mess of books is lying by the door which is not possible if the door was opened the books must not be by the door it must be atleast some distance to which the guards suspected that librarian is involved in this

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    Door opens inwards

    books etc are stacked against door - impossible if thief left that way - they wouldn't be against door

    So either thief is still inside or the librarian threw things against door to make it look like the thief had ransacked place

    either way - librarian is lying

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    reason: the books in the picture stacked behind the door, if a person rushes out of the door, the doorway should be clear without any book on the way. Therefore, it is apparent the books were placed there after shutting the door

  • It is impossible what the librarian told that the thief ran out through that door, because the books are scattered behind the door. If it is true that the door is opened from inside the library, then books should be scattered on the floor not in a position near the door

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    The books are stacked up against the door - a door with internal hinges. Therefore, the door has not been opened since the incident which caused the books to fall on the floor. No thief escaped out that door and this librarian is lying about something!

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    The door the thief supposedly escaped through , it opens inward. Therefore the books shouldn't be so close to the closed door.

    Because they are right next to that closed door it means that the librarian threw them on the floor himself, after the thief escaped.

  • by the image, the books are lying right in front of the doorstep, as if the librarian is trying to slow down the guard from catching the thief by blocking the door with books. And he was lying saying:-

    "I didn't have chance to do anything,

    I tried to stop him with all my strength, but what could I do?

    you should scream help first!

    and why would a thief broke down a library to steal only a book! they should just come there normally, read it, or borrow it... smh. There are even many valuable things (i can see a pendant, some vase, treasurechest?, etc in the pic) there in the library to steal and yet the thief only took 1 book.

  • The fallen books are piled against the inside of the door (that is, the library side), which would be impossible for the thief to do while leaving through that door. Therefore the librarian must have piled them there afterwards, meaning that he must have conspired with the thief.

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  • Quintus ran in through the closest door and rushed out through that door; the door which is shown in the image. The door opens inward as the hinges and the ring indicates. But the books are lying on the floor in front of the door, which is impossible if the door was opened or closed. The books would have been pushed away from the door. So Quintus felt the librarian had passed the book to the thief and closed the door and then made a mess in the place. or that the librarian himself was the thief.

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  • The books behind the door indicate that they were placed after the alleged thief fled, so it could only have been thrown there by someone who was inside the library after closing the door, and in the absence of another suspect present, the one who was the librarian.

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  • The story of the librarian is wrong, since the hinges on the door suggest the door opens inwards. The pile of books in front of the door would have been moved if the thief escaped through that door. Hence the librarian is suspected since the pile of books can only be placed there after the thief escaped.

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    If the thief has gone through to the door, it has not been blocked by books after he closed it. It looks that after thief fled, librarian threw the books around to make it look like they had a scuffle. And anyways why would a running thief will take efforts in flosing the door behind him.