The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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    Hi again me.

    Wall if u look at the picture, that door its shut, with lots of books around it. The thief couldhave not escape through that door.

  • The thief couldn't have escaped through the door the librarian indicated because the door was blocked from the inside by some books on the floor, therefore it would have been impossible for him to escape from that door leaving the books how the guards found them on the scene.

    That's my conclusion.

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  • The books etc on the floor are up against the door. As the door opens into the room these items would have been swept back when the door was opened. Therefore the Librarian must have knocked the items on the floor himself after the Thief had closed the door or there never was a thief and the scene was staged.

  • the thief couldnt have escaped through that door, because the door opens to the inside. If he had opened that door, the books lying on the ground would have been moved also. I play anglosphere 1, ingame name is Baby seal

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    The guard was suspicious of the librarian because if the thief had left through the that the librarian had pointed to the books that

    were scattered all around the doorway would not bee in that position and would have been moved away by the opening of the door

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    The reason why the guard knew the librarian was also guilty is because the librarian had lied. The librarian said the thief Ran out the side door. Due the to stacks of book at the foot of the door, it easy to see that door hasn't been open. And by the look of those door joint it's clear as day that those door open inward. So its impossible for that door to have open with out moving those book. So the librarian must have lied

  • The librarian says: "He ran out through that door on the other side of the library". Assuming that's the door in the image then there are books on the floor in front of the door.

    If the thief ran out through the door he would have had to open it and the books on the floor would have moved. Therefore, either the thief did not leave through the door or the books were thrown on the floor after the thief left. Thus the librarian is not telling the truth.


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  • there are books blocking the door so there is noway anyone has left from that door .That's how Quintus Maximus knew

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  • the thief could not have just fled out the door as the books are right behind it if he had opened it there would have been clean floor behind the door therefore the door was not opened after the books were thrown down so the librarian is lying.

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  • They knew that something was wrong because the books on the ground are right next to the door. If the thief ran out that way, the books would be further from the door. If the thief went through there, books on the ground would be moved by the door.

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  • Had the thief ran through the door the books would not be strewn around on the floor blocking the door. The librarian must have placed the books there in disarray after the thief passed through it.

  • because if someone had escaped through the door the area in front of it would have been swept clean since the door opens inwards. The books on the floor were dropped after the last person went through the door.


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  • The books and the door.

    The hinges on the door are such that the door would open inwards.

    If the thief ran out of the door, the books at the bottom of the door would not be there, they would have been pushed aside because of the door opening.

    In the picture, the books are still there, right behind the closed door, so the door was never opened.

  • The door swings inward. Therefor, if someone had recently used that door to flee, the books on the floor would have been shoved away from it.

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  • books are blocking escape door. Couldnt have exited through there

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