The Book of Wisdom - Episode 3 - The Theft

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  • The books are piled up against the door from the inside. Which means they were set there after the thief had left through the door to cover his trail.

    Therefore the librarian is guilty of conspiring and helping the thief get away.

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    Incites to violence

  • The door is blocked with a lot of books. Is impossible that the thief left through that door. This means the librarian is lying.

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  • the door was closed and the books refer that it never got open, If the thief had come out that door, he would have left traces of it. that is why Quintus Maximus made the decision

  • As you see door opens inside , if thief went other side of the door there should not be any books behind the door, as if door opens books will not be place exactly behind the door, so it is clear that librarian had put those books behind the door to show that it was theft ..

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    1. there are books behind the door. and the door opens outward therefore he did not open the door to pursue the robber. he is guilty.

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    The correct answer:

    The door of the library opens inwards, but as you can see there are stacks of books still lying in front of the door. No one could have opened the door without moving the stacks of books. Meaning, no one left through the door as the librarian claimed.

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