ComX - Discussion Thread

  • What if everyone start cataing their techs ? :D

    The one we had to deal with was deffending all of them, auto-building staff, building L1 crannies so villages can't be gone. Well, we were surrounded by 30 of them in 7x7 so they had easy job moving that deff, with us not being able to make much siege due to constant war with them. Now when bots made v3's it's going to be even harder to remove them all.

    But I guess it can be done with a lot of people doing it at the same time.

  • :evil::evil::evil:

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    DEX2 18 -
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    Monster Machine :evil:
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  • from 13225 accs to 6106..... hard work for mh xd

    If you count the banned accos we area already closer to 5k tbh.

    Just a god damn joke.....

    Thought of making a come back after few years of break, but nah.

    This will be my last server.

    No way i am spending so much time to do farming, simming etc, when a guy just take chiefs his tech and raids them top 10.

    I heard things that RET was good, well. Seems even THE ONE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED (Firestorm) did much better Job of keeping obvious multiaccounts at bay.

  • Well, RET is actually banning a lot of the accounts we report though, they are just too slow. X/

  • MH has a lot lf work, since oil prices plummeted so Arabs needed a million accounts to compensate on their incompetence, as daddy Sheikh can't buy gold or bribe the MH in these times of crysis.

    Poor things.

    I am not the villain in this story, I do what I do, because there is no choice.

  • Most of us are here just to play a game and get rid of real absurd world

    Then in the middle of the game we realize that it's so real and as dirty as real world!

    Travian is dying or has been died already!

    Let's find some new ways to waste our times dudes.

  • Unfortunally, we cant compete with arabic brothers. They increase the market. They offer double what we offer. :)

    Is it anymore exciting for u?

    Do u enjoy this kind of game?


    Buying all the game and cheating is not my interest

    Show some talents and some plans

    Obviously a kid can do the same as u and your bros

  • Who are you ? you play nick / Alliance ?