Dual available

  • Hi. I'm Arjun, from India (+5.30 GMT).

    These days, since I've got quite some time in my hands, thought I'd give travian a try, once again.

    About myself

    I've played this game many times, over the years and have a reasonably good experience playing it.

    To be frank, I'm not sure if I'd stick around until the end of the server (depends on the corona situation and lockdown ^^)

    I would be able to spend about 2 dedicated hrs on the account, while almost being around most of the time.

    Won't be buying gold, and don't expect the account to be a gold user either.

    If it workd for you, please DM me and share some info about yourself.


    Arjun Iyer

  • Hi I can also provide some help, coming back to the game after 3 years of break, im from Poland, loads of time to play, won few servers, once had a biggest romanian hammer on server, feel free to PM or write Discord Iffed#4618, I can also buy some gold if needed.