Settlers suggestion

  • Hi,

    I``m not able to settle a 15c in my own NE quadrant :(.

    I sent earlier today my settlers to (388|194) , this is a 36+ hours trip!

    This field has just been settled by another player.

    Now I have to wait almost 66 (!!!) hours for the settlers to arrive there and then come back!

    And this is my 2nd attempt on this server, first time I also had to wait 48 hours for the round trip!!!

    This is hilarious!

    I`m wasting 5 (!!!!) days on a speed server!

    The actual system is a joke.

    The previous support reply was:

    "The game is loosely based around history, Settlers who departed would not be easily called back historically that is why it was a design decision not to allow settlers to be recalled.

    ... "

    There are so many fixes for this:

    Same way we can order some prisoners in gaul prisons to suicide ("historically based") , we should be able to recall settlers or order them to suicide.

    I would rather take the resource loss then a 5 (!!!!) days waste.

    Or the settlers could bounce back as soon as the target field has been settled.

    Or ultimately we could have a gold option for this (although this is a last resort option if the devs want to create a win-win situation for them AND for the players).

    As I said, there are plenty of solutions.

    I`m not alone in this situation, I know good GOLD players who are deleting (or deleted in the past) for this reason.

    This situation is not good for the game either, you guys loose players who won`t spend any gold on a server for an issue which can be easily corrected.


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  • yeah its waste... so lower your expectation or settle near the 15c u want and crush it with your expectation.. not talking about so called friendly teams :3

  • I think the "automatic bounce back as soon as the target field has been settled" could be an option. You'd still compromise yourself but most of the time there would be less waiting around.. You can be really unlucky and miss the target by a few minutes but I think it's a good change since it let's you adjust and adapt quicker (in theory).