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  • Hello guys. I want to post a suggestion, that not only me, even my friends consider its important. We are old Travian players, started in 2008 to play, we are used with the old interface. Now I know we are in 2020, nobody likes old stuff anymore, but there is no way we could switch from this version to the old one, only for the buildings at least.

    Its horrible to start playing travian after 1 year and to not understand a thing from this new buildings update. I respect the new players, who like this kind of things, but there is no chance for the others to still enjoy travian as it used to be?

    Thank you

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  • Ancient interface is terrible. I myself had the best memories of him, until I went to a private server with old pictures

  • Yes I know, I comeback after a 1 year pause from travian and I could not belive my eyes....I just don't understand why they do this, and why they don't give us at least the chance to choose what interface we are confortable with. It is not possible to have some of us the chance to have the old buildings? Something like from the settings of the account I don't know. Please an admin to let us know becouse with all this changing I think the travian will dissapear for the old players sooner or later...I mean give the chance for the players who likes new things but let enjoy others too.


  • long time ago, player can mod/customize their own acc interface with anything they like. I still remember playing travian with space&planet background. But some people are greedy thus causing imbalance to the game, slow loading, cheating, scripts, etc etc. Now no one get that anymore.

    maybe they can reconsider the idea again, and limits it only to certified background & interface. Make it exclusively for gold club player or gold+ pro le se club or something...


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  • I don't think they will put an option to use classic building.

    They keep improving the graphic from T2, T3, T4, now T4.5. I don't like it at first too, but I like it now, probably because I'm adapted to the new buildings so far. So yeah, you'll get used to it soon.