What is your strategy in 10x?

  • Hi there travian forum members, and wierdos who still plays travian in 2020

    Instead of complaining about the comx server why dont we start a conversation about what we are going to do in the 10x. And what is our stratiegies

    Mine will be simming so hard until day 4 or 5 and then start building a hammer for the artifact

    And which tribe will be the best choice i am still not sure if i am going to use romans because of my low gold or teuton because of the huge wheat production

  • I played in server 10× it's super fast. You definitely need to have two players per account. 24hrs online is a must. The first 48hrs you have to be online making sure everything going according to the plan. I think this server must have different strategies from all other servers do to the 10 time speed.

    My strategy is to reach to new village stage and to rading stage as soon as possible. And you can do it in the first 24 hrs but if you are advanced player and knows what to do you can do it in the first 12 hrs. It requires a lot calculation to chose which path you should choose on spending your resources on. Definitely "travian.kirilloid" will be your best friend. And I wish to see more strategies about 10× servers. By the way 15 crops village with 150% osias. Produce over 2 million recourse;( when it's fully upgraded. So distracting every 20 minutes it overflows with wheats. Can't wait to hear from you guys gotta put together my calculation to get ready for new start in 10× serve in 3 days only:love: