Looking for account to dual (I'm From Australia)

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to join someones account as a dual, here is a bit:

    1) From Australia, can play 6am - 10pm AEST

    2) Willing to buy gold

    3) Work from home so can play lots of hours.

    4) After something offensive but anything really is good.

    5) Used to play a while ago, however haven't played in about a year.

    6) Any 10x server is fine, however want an English speaking alliance.

  • are you maybe still looking?

    I have roman account (top 100) with 125% crooper. I use gold but you would be welcome to buy too.

    I'm from Europe so your online time would suit me well

  • Hei , im looking for duals at my teuton account, im playing at speed10x Asia Server.

    more info can contact me on

    Discord : BlesseD#4837