LoT 2020 The Tech Talk (COM)

  • As this topic is for sure a very divisive one, I ask all participants in here to remain respectful, and address the topic and the arguments made themselves, and not resort to insults or other things. Please keep posts constructive, and include argumentation for your points.

    So, as I see it, the community is strongly divided between those who fully embrace techs, and those who strongly dislike them (of which the later, I know that many people have quit/are quitting the game over techs being the new norm).

    Please take the time to read the entirety of this post, and address the arguments made in it, before you start posting.

    I have (sadly) given up on rule 1.1 and similar ways to limit teching (and I know TG have too). So instead, I will propose some hard-coded game changes that would limit the usage an account can get out of techs. Techs can still be made and used with these changes, but the benefits will be reduced.

    I am well aware of the arguments that have been made for allowing teching, so first, let me outline some of the issues with techs, and hopefully those in favor of techs will realize/agree that maybe some limitations wouldn't be too bad:

    • People are quitting the game over techs. A dwindling playerbase is one of the things most often brought up by players as an issue. Fewer players, less action, less interest... And so on. This shouldn't be in the interest of anyone.
    • The use of techs fosters passive gameplay and reduces interactability in the game. Simming 10+ WWKs in the boonies with techs means increased safety (both from attacks and ghostings, and even if the WWKs are hit, they depend on other accounts to feed troops and run their queues more so than their own), that there's less action towards the center/border of the quads (i.e. were teams are close to each other), more accounts take on a passive role, other teams will copy the strategy and so on, reducing number of active offensive accounts... A more passive game means that players quit. Defenders hardly ever get any action. There's less reason to do OPs. Another spiral of more passivity and dropping player numbers.
    • Tech and multies are functionally indistinguishable. They perform the exact same task, i.e. raise the amount of resources available to an account artificially. Players who observe others using techs may likely percieve them as multies, and either be encouraged to use those themselves, or be frustrated that nothing is done about it. It's hard for players (and alliances) to know if other players have "legitimate" techs too, or multies.

    With these things in mind, I'd like to discuss the following proposals. Keep in mind that they will both reduce the benefit of techs (though not removing it completely), but hopefully also remove a large part of the incentive to use multies.

    First proposal: Garaging: put a hard limit on garaging. How the functionality I have in mind would work (my thoughts at present, open to tweaks):

    Keep in mind that I distinguish between def and off troops! Def troops can of course be parked freely to not prevent standing defense.

    Firstly, I don't mind people helping out a WWK a bit late game with feeding. Say, you splat a hammer and have a ton of crop. My gripe is with accounts that are made from the outset with the purpose of acting as garages. So, accounts will be allowed to garage 20k foreign off troops, or a similar number. I am open to discuss the exact number (20-30-40k?) or perhaps have the number scale in some way with server day (perhaps the limit can be entirely removed when WW plans spawn?).

    Secondly, of course it's okay to help out a teammate who is under attack/got hit, and need somewhere to keep the troops for a bit. Troops exceeding the limit (20k) will thus only be sent back after a short period, perhaps 24/48 hours - and can then not be sent to the same player again (not settled on when it should be allowed to send them again, perhaps 7-14 days or similar). This allows you to send the hammer away if you have a def-call for your hammer village, or if you get hit. The delay before the troops are sent back will allow you to find places to split out the troops for feeding if you lost your cap or granaries in hammer village, or you can bounce the troops around between team mates for a bit before having to take them back.

    This still leaves room for tech (and multi) use. But the benefit is reduced. It would take a lot more work/many more accounts - let's say the buffer time before excessive troops are sent back is 24 hours, and the delay before you can send them there again is 7 days - then you'd need 7 techs to continually garage your troops - or 5 techs just to park 100k troops. Since it includes all foreign troops, you can't just park 20k from each player, since the cap is 20k total.

    However, if you feed your own troops, you can have them parked anywhere you want. So if you send enough crop to feed 100k troops in a friendly village, nothing will be sent back. This would take into account diet effects too - so if parked in a UD/SD village, you would only have to feed half to keep them there.


    Can park a certain amount of offensive troops freely (20k, 30k? number is open to discussion).

    You can park as much as you feed.

    Troops exceeding that limit (20k + what you're sending crop for, including diet effect) are sent back after a delay (perhaps 24 hours).

    ECs and Haeduans will be classified as offence, thought they can be used defensively too, but it won't be an issue. Why? ECs and Haeduans are not used as standing defense (for obvious reasons). So firstly, there shouldn't be any reason for them to stay somewhere for multiple days (more time than the send-back limit) without being fed (of course the WW will be excluded). And secondly, if you're feeding them from the account they belong to, there's no problem. So you can park them in a diet or w/e too.

    For raiding techs (/multies), of course keep limits on raiding those in your alliance, but additionally:

    If an account leaves the alliance, the raiding restrictions that are in place for friendly (alliance) raids remain in place for x days (perhaps 7 or 14) - same as the protection against conquering account who were recently in ally/whom you had sitter connections to. So basically, if you are a tech raider - if you want to defend the tech with more than just its own troops, you have to invite it to the alliance (due to the new confed rules). If you do so, the raiding you can do from it will be limited for 7+ days.

    You can still farm techs, but it's easier for other teams to put pressure on them, and reduce the benefit you get from them.

    Again, these suggestions are open to discussion and changes. Please keept the discussion civil, and address the arguments made.