Continent Tug of War Part 2

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  • Rules:

    Start from 500.

    Americas and Oceania - Up to 1000 - North America, South America, Australia, Oceania, and non-mainland South-East Asian countries (This means you, Philippines, but not you, Taiwan and Japan.)
    Referred to as Team Pacifica!

    Eurasia and Africa - Down to 0 - Europe, Asia, Africa (Let's throw in Antarctica too.)
    Referred to as Team Antarctica!

    Count from where the above poster left off.

    Post the full number when counting, no shortcuts.

    No multiposting.

    Good luck and hail multiculturalism!

    Current Status:

    17 - 10
    For Antarctica


    27 April, 2009: Team Antarctica wins, with virtually no resistance from Team Pacifica. Classic.

    1-0 Antarctica

    21 May, 2009: Team Antarctica wins. The resistance from Team Pacifica was outnumbered and outposted.

    2-0 Antarctica

    12 July, 2009: Continent Tug Of War reaches 10 000 posts! The 10 000th post goes to e chip!

    12 July, 2009: Team Antarctica wins, with a dynamic duo of superspammers called LN13 and Tomoya. Pepsi-Cola was the sole resister from Pacifica's side.

    3-0 Antarctica

    30 July, 2009: Team Antarctica wins, after taking a short break from their last victory. Short indeed. Moving on, this is the victory that happened after BlackPaladin locked this thread for approximately five [agonising] minutes, then re-opened it and Antarctica won.

    4-0 Antarctica

    28 August, 2009: Team Pacifica wins, making this their first victory. With virtually no resistance from the overconfident Antarcticans, Pacifica locked the victory easily.

    4-1 Antarctica

    4 September, 2009: Continent Tug Of War becomes the largest and most-posted-in thread in the whole forum! A big thank-you to everyone who posted and helped make this the most popular thread!

    8 October, 2009: Team Antarctica wins, with blitzkrieg posts and lightning-fast resistance from Pacifica.

    5-1 Antarctica

    27 October, 2009: Continent Tug Of War reaches 20 000 posts! The 20 000th post goes to N00B#3456543!

    27 November, 2009: Team Antarctica wins. They took a short break from their last victory and pushed on, while Pacifica was eating ice cream and sunbathing.

    6-1 Antarctica

    20 May, 2010: Continent Tug Of War reaches 30 000 posts! The 30 000th post goes to Photon7908!

    20 August, 2010: Team Pacifica wins. It was a spamfest for t7seven7t and DFBATTLER, bringing the count up to victory by over 700 posts. L.C.S. came in and dropped the WMD, thus making his first post in this thread a game-winning one. No resistance from Team Antarctica was seen during this epic blitzkrieg of posts.

    6-2 Antarctica

    20 August, 2010: Team Pacifica wins, making for two victories in one day! Antarctica was still... paralysed from the earlier victory, giving enough time for a quick win once more.

    6-3 Antarctica

    18 September, 2010: Team Pacifica wins, and it wasn't as much of a challenge as it was an easymode win. Even a lethargic Pacifica beats an inactive Antarctica. OVERRUN.

    6-4 Antarctica

    3 November, 2010: Team Pacifica finally wins again, after a slow and attritive journey to 1000. But they got there.

    6-5 Antarctica

    22 November, 2010: Team Pacifica's NBKs returned in a spamfest to tie it up. Can Pacifica make Antarctica trail? Can Antarctica regain their lead? The plot thickens.


    6 December, 2010: Team Pacifica gains the lead from the rigor mortis clutches of Team Antarctica, where three angels shone upon the lone necromancer.

    7-6 Pacifica

    26 March, 2011: Continent Tug Of War reaches 40 000 posts! The 40 000th post goes to t7seven7t!

    21 May, 2011: Team Antarctica ties it up at seven-all using a great tactic called "collective spamming".


    16 June, 2011: Team Antarctica wins again, after a week-long journey to the endgame, with resistance from the Pacifican side. Yet nevertheless, in the end, Antarctica spammed it down to zero.

    8-7 Antarctica

    11 August, 2011: Team Antarctica wins, after a lazy trip to the endgame. In the end, blue_lash and hersa37 were the ones to finish the game off.

    9-7 Antarctica

    15 January, 2012: Team Antarctica wins, only a few weeks after the turn of 2012. Zeke played for the wrong side (you pooper!)

    10-7 Antarctica

    31 May, 2012: Continent Tug Of War reaches 50 000 posts! The 50 000th post goes to McClackers!

    25 November, 2012: Team Antarctica wins, after SpamFest 2012 took place very briefly.

    11-7 Antarctica

    12 December, 2012: Team Pacifica wins, asserting their power on the last triple-number day of the century.

    11-8 Antarctica

    27 February, 2013: Team Antarctica wins, after a long journey to the first victory of the new year.

    12-8 Antarctica

    24 July, 2013: Continent Tug Of War reaches 60 000 posts! The 60 000th post goes to... DFBATTLER! Huh. Awkward.

    7 October, 2013: Team Antarctica wins, kinda getting redundant now.

    13-8 Antarctica

    30 June, 2014: Team Antarctica wins, y u do dis?

    14-8 Antarctica

    5 March, 2015: Continent Tug Of War reaches 70 000 posts! The 70 000th post goes to hersa37!

    13 June, 2015: Team Pacifica wins over the men in cloaks who always bring them "down" :roll:

    14-9 Antarctica

    9 July, 2015: Team Pacifica wins once more with this legendary post, as the lead closes :mrgreen:

    14-10 Antarctica

    24 August, 2016: Continent Tug Of War reaches 80 000 posts! The 80 000th post goes to Cowboy Santa!

    22 September, 2016: Team Antarctica defeats the Pacificans and asserts dominance.

    15-10 Antarctica

    14 April, 2017: Team Antarctica goes hard, widening the lead further.

    16-10 Antarctica

    24 August, 2017: Team Antarctica wins yet again. Who will stop their advance?

    17-10 Antarctica

    28 September, 2017: Continent Tug Of War reaches 90 000 posts! The 90 000th post goes to xeqtr!


    12 July, 2009: Ten Thousand Posts

    4 September, 2009: Most Popular Thread

    17 October, 2009: Twenty Thousand Posts

    20 May, 2010: Thirty Thousand Posts

    26 March, 2011: Forty Thousand Posts

    31 May, 2012: Fifty Thousand Posts

    24 July, 2013: Sixty Thousand Posts

    5 March, 2015: Seventy Thousand Posts

    24 August, 2016: Eighty Thousand Posts

    28 September, 2017: Ninety Thousand Posts


    Muser 4 lyf

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