Looking for an Alliance

  • Hi All,

    I am looking for an alliance for the international VC 2x server. With the starting village boost, I thought having a starting alliance would make things go a lot smoother.

    I will be playing as a dual account and as a gual defensive player. Me and my partner are both veterans of Travian Legends, although we are new to the Ancient Europe map. We both used to have alliance connections, but we both took a break and lost those connections. We are both very loyal and willing to give our everything to the greater good of the alliance.

    Thank you,


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  • helllooo

    we are lookıng for new frıends for allıance

    I am looking for team clan unity and friends for the CODEX VICTORIA COM 2X SPEED SERVER. Let's play together. Add me

  • Hey all,

    Been playing for the past couple of years (more than 10 :) ) and have experience playing the scattered empires and loved the game concept.

    I plan to play this server and am looking for some good ally/players who know what they are doing and have a plan.

    Am available to dual - pretty sure this server cannot be played solo.

    Ping me in private and let's discuss!

    Happy hunting :)