Day 1: The Rescue Plan

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    Sometimes, a day feels like it lasts half a year. But it's also possible for half a year to feel just like one day.

    Marcella woke up in the middle of the night. Was it a noise outside or had she just dreamed? The room was dark and, for a brief moment, she was scared that she was still at home. The mere thought of this filled her heart with fear. But only for a few seconds until she recognized the familiar white walls. She was where she should be.

    Who could have guessed when she escaped from her father's home that she would still be alive after half a year? A young girl, alone, in these barbaric lands? Yet, the whirlpool of events had had an effect on her. Not only had she survived, but it seemed now that she had also found where she belonged. Here, at the hospital.

    Half a year ago, right after Marcella and her acquaintance, the architect, had come to the hospital, the war started. The hospital doctors needed every possible assistance to help wounded soldiers recover and didn't ask many questions to those who were ready to help. That was where she could be useful and where she managed to reveal her talents. Coming from the family of famous healers on her mother's side, she grew up surrounded by lots of books on medicine. And now the time had come to put the theory she learned from her mother into practice.

    "Pssst, Marcella!" the hushed sound made her jump out of bed and stumble to the window. She looked outside and saw a familiar figure. "You sleep like a log! I've been here for almost a full hour now. Come here! I have some serious business to discuss to you!"

    "Edward! Are you out of your mind? You know what time it is? And what would people think?" Marcella hopelessly tried to look angry, but it was beyond her power. For the past half a year, the young architect became her best friend and his rare visits made her heart skip a beat. The architect was always very busy, traveling from one village to another, typically involved in some deals he didn't like to discuss much. But one thing was for certain: He genuinely cared about her. He also managed to find her brother, who she considered long dead, and brought a note from him.

    "Don't even pretend you care about someone else's opinion, girl!" laughed Edward and hugged Marcella. "Otherwise, you'd have already been married and be living in some fancy residence near Rome, surrounded by servants and giving orders to the maids. I know you better than you think. That's why I came to you. Are you ready for a little adventure?"

    "What adventure? Don't you think I have enough adventures already in my life?" Marcella smiled, but her smile vanished when she saw the expression on Edward's face. His smile couldn't hide the fact that he was worried. "Is everything fine?"

    "All good, I just need to rescue one friend. Again…" he answered after a small pause. "He found out that a rare medical book of his tribe was being kept in a small library here. The book contained a description of a potion able to help the wounded recover twice as fast than before. Isn't it what you always wanted?" he smiled. "My friend managed to get hold of that book, but was caught by the guards. It seems not everyone was happy to make the potion recipe public knowledge. I need your help with that."

    Marcella didn't hesitate. She owed that person more than just her life.

    "Of course, I'll help you. What should we do?"

    The prison cell where the ruler is keeping Edward's friend is secured day and night by two guards. They change the guards near the cell every two hours. In order to recognize each other, they wear a pennant with a special sign on it. Find out which sign Marcella and Edward should take with them to help his friend escape.



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  • Is alright if I say in here that I think the answer is E beacuse what we lack in the third row compared to the other two is two crooked lines and a half till the middle line so It should be E