Day 2: Escape

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    The plan worked. Well… not completely, but still. Unfortunately, the lock on the cell was quite complicated, with lots of combinations. And they couldn't just break in, since the other guards were quite close. Luckily, after multiple attempts, they found a small note that helped them enter the right code to open the lock. There was only one person inside. Marcella was a bit disappointed. During this whole rescue operation, she tried to imagine a person who risked his life in order to reveal the healing potion to the world. This person must have been a hero. And she was absolutely sure he'd also look heroic. Something like her great grandfather, legendary Mark Atilius – a handsome and brave adventurer with a charming smile. Instead, when they finally opened the lock, Marcella first felt rather crestfallen. Instead of a strong, tall, blond hero with dark-blue eyes, she saw quite a fat, short, middle-aged Egyptian with a somewhat unrecognizable face. The person looked like the innkeeper of some rundown tavern who you would easily forget the same moment you left the place and would never recall afterwards.

    Marcella was sure that she had never seen him before. Yet, he seemed to have known her. He quickly nodded and hurried along the corridor without saying a word. Marcella tried to follow him, but was stopped by Edward.

    "He will find his own way." Edward whispered to her. "We need to go separately. And I am afraid we'll have to act fast. As soon as they find out that the prisoner has gone, they might suspect that you're involved."

    "Me? How? I don't even know him!" Marcella's eyes were wide open. "How would they connect us?"

    "This is a secret I can't reveal right now." Edward gave her another sad smile. "But I promise, you'll know soon. Let's go!"

    They came out of the prison the same way they entered. They showed the special sign on their pennants to the other guards and ran away. Another journey!

    It seemed that Edward was used to shaking off pursuers. Marcella suddenly realized that she didn't know anything about her only friend. Is he even the architect he says he is? What business does he have with that fat, old Egyptian and how did he even know that he needed help?

    She found out the answer to the last question pretty fast. A very familiar hawk landed on Edward's shoulder. Marcella had already seen the bird a few times before. Nenet! There was a note attached to one of his legs. Edward quickly unraveled the parchment.

    "My friend is safe and sends you his gratitude. He won't join us since he doesn't want to slow us down. The guards already found out that the prisoner is gone and they're chasing us. He recommends that we head to the other region. Two huge alliances clashed armies here recently. Lots of villages were destroyed. So it'll be easier for us to get lost in all this chaos."

    Task: Here is the note with the hint to the right combination of the lock. Add the right math signs to get the correct equation (you can also use brackets).



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