Day 3: The Place to Stay

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    The next few days, Edward and Marcella were constantly on the move. The lands noticeably changed since their last journey. It seemed like life itself was now moving at double the speed. More trained soldiers could march way faster than before. The villages grew bigger and the harvest on the croplands was incredible.

    The changes were not only in terms of speed. Right now, they crossed the region that was still recovering after the fight between two mighty alliances. The citizens had fled from the region and, for the first time, the ancient powers had fallen asleep until the lands again become more populated.

    When the day was almost over, they entered a small village with just a few buildings. The settlement was rather new, and the workers were still arriving.

    "Oh, Gauls!" Edward smiled and pointed to one of the signs at an empty spot in the village. "You see it? They allow newcomers to build anything on this spot, but only if they are able to solve the puzzle. I recognize my tribe! This Gaul village… reminds me a lot of the one I came from."

    Some random talk nearby attracted their attention.

    "Did you hear the news?" the old, gray-haired druid rider asked his neighbor. "The heralds announced today that a new potion was invented by the famous capital healer. Finally, the soldiers will get the attention they deserve. They've already sent it to all the hospitals. I hope our healers will learn it soon, too!"

    "Invented? The famous capital healer?" Puzzled Marcella looked at Edward with astonished eyes, only to find him looking at her with exactly the same expression. Then they both laughed.

    "If you can't control the news, you just invent it, right?" After a good bout of laughter, Edward was able to talk again. "Apparently, my friend delivered the book to the right people and they created a story around it. Anyway, this is really good news. It seems that we can end our journey any time?"

    He looked at her and his voice changed.

    "Marcella… The more we travel, the more I find appealing the idea of 'being married and living in some fancy residence, surrounded by servants and giving orders to the maids.' I've never tried that before, but together with you it does sound like a good adventure! What you think? Perhaps, it's time to find a good place to settle down?"

    "Or, perhaps, we've already found it." Marcella finally nodded. "And don't tell me you haven't already solved that puzzle!"

    Edward just smiled.

    Task: Solve the puzzle on the free spot for the residence.



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