Great Barracks and Stables

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  • Just wanted to hear some opinions on greater barracks and stables! Does anyone build them?

    Would a defensive player find any use for them, or do ypou usually just to do add another training village and do the upgrades there, since it's cheaper? (I didn't do the math here, just assuming)

    Or are they usually just to optimize training a hammer?

  • They are used frequently, especially in the hammer and anvil villages. Both are an additional training facility so you can train troops at double the rate. While the costs are significantly higher, the greatest limiting factor in army size is time.

  • Depends on your playstyle, for me, if I want to make WW anvil then yes, absolutely. If not, I'll just casually train troops from normal barracks/stable, since we can stack defensive units and a lot of players playing defensive.

  • Defensive players have no real reason to use it (if you're making an anvil for WW as someone said above, it makes no sense at all to use GB/GS since making defense for WW is all about making the maximum amount, and you could be producing from more villages instead of spending 3x the resources to run GB/GS). The only use for an anvil player, would be to use it in their primary anvil village, so more troops can gain the benefit of hero with army boots when sending.. But usually, the primary anvil is the cap (so no GB/GS possible), so again... A waste of resources over just turning more villages into defense producing villages. The only possible exception to this is if you have too many resources to spend them with the amount of villages you have (and you can't make additional villages), but this should only be the case for a very few players on speed servers.

    For offensive players, the story is different of course. You generally want to maximize your hammer, and rebuild it as quickly as possible. Still, some prefer to have multiple smaller hammers instead though (a typical approach is to have one hammer running GB/GS and then one or two other hammers just running regular barracks/stable).

  • Sounds about what I remembered from when I played a lot a few years ago. My plan (as a defensive player) was to forego them, and go wide on the def.

    It always seemed cheaper to me in the long run, though at first you need to spend more on the upgrades and infrastructure, once you accumulate a fair amount of troops it becomes worth it. I didn't do any math though^^^