The Fall of the Ultimate Warriors in com2 also known as Gunners or Vices

  • Ass spanking at its best, people have become shameless nowadays lol

    Never been more proud to be part of GoW... Well done team <3

    true GoW player.

    GoW proud on you too, buddy.

    We might lose this time. But we lose while fighting hard with pride

  • Ares did not gain any population for a month now. You are not saying it is managed via Tor but it is. How can it build a hammer?
    Step 1: set all res to auto trade.
    Step 2: log in every 2 days with Tor.
    Step 3: click barracks and stable. Sometimes workshop.

    "I just found out that IP warning is because of jack sparrow used TOO MANY PLATFORMS TO LOGIN TRAVIAN THAT IS JUST A COINCIDENCE i suppose"

    This is particularly dumb. If jacksparow had access to every single account in the server, via a proxy, via tor or whatever else, THEY WOULD STILL NOT ACCESS THE MAIN ACCOUNT FROM THE SAME PROXY. And it would also mean instant ban. Again use your head.

    Do you even hear yourself? "jack is cheating. Ares is real thou. But somehow they got same IP cause I have no clue what I am talking about". Sid down kid.

  • Well it shows you are expert tech builder that knows how the system works and can manipulate


    Well done building techs for ajax and JS ;)

  • Well it shows you are expert tech builder that knows how the system works and can manipulate


    Well done building techs for ajax and JS ;)

    Or that I have a degree in netwroking and cybersec. Trust me you do not want me to play dirty.

  • Haha yeah id like to see the 700k+ hammers marching our way at endgame while these players havent raided a single resource all game. Firstly they didnt ever show op in Top 10 raiders en secondly never had any troops at home in their hammer while being scouted. And then they accuse Ajax and Jack of using techs etc :D <X Good point

  • Definitely enjoyed it. Also, i am the real goose. Who would bother to impersonate me? Sounds like a big waste of time.

    Happy to hear that. :)

    My bad, obviously, you are the real legendary goose :)

    Could you rate the revengegoosing GOW did on gunners? :)

  • look how GoWs are now

    they were too desperate for a win that now are Crazy

    Making an account named goose and talking to yourself while you pretend someone else

    Nice show

    Keep yourselves busy to lessen the pain :)

  • oh we already saw same ip warning when Jack sparrow attacked one of ours

    Dont know how it is happend unless jack sparrow using Tor for building techs

    Dont tell me the rules

    Well, 1st of all the same IP address happened on 3 of your members, 2 of them somehow you "missed" during your fact gathering and only had Ares. The other two are Negative Creep (yes, just check the message when I casually raided your WW), and the other one was Pyroz. Now, if i follow your theory, it means that all this 3 accounts, are accessed via Thor?

    Too many platforms? Define "too many" please. Considering that we are 5 players on the account, using each at least 3 devices ... but what ever, you can't win an argument, when it's not an argument but an implanted idea. Is that you can't explain some things, you call the other "cheater". I invite you to click our profile, then map out the account, and see the logic in it, once you've did this, compare it with any other "account" and see you won't find "Same logic" ... but what am I even asking "logic" for.

    And you are telling me ARES is building hammer? That hammer hasn't changed size for weeks ... and was not used too much as well. So please, go sell donuts somewhere else.

    "When you loose, you have support accounts ... when you win, they are called techs"

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

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  • Its weird that you think TEN members are not proud of our leaders, we have been fighting a lot this server and still here. Albeit we lost a few artis but none of our major hammers were chiefed, none of our capitals were 0 popped and we are in a very strong position.

    Now you say that you'll shame TEN and Gunners via the forum ? Well go right ahead, end of the day what matters is the WW win. Outsiders like LOLLL etc etc can say what they want. However all GoW glory will be gone when we push you out of top 20 pop and attackers once we are done with your WW.

    Boast all you want, a WW win is what matters, be it a meta or solo. You havent don't much if you don't get that WW to Lev 100.

    On the point of you trashing TEN ??? How ?? What did you do ? Sheldon talks about clearing TinyViking cap but 20 fields away the very same def caught 3 of your hammers. Which arti did you steal from TEN ? Which hammer did you chief ? How did you defeat TEN ?

    Please get your facts straight one a 1 vs 1 against TEN.

    We took out one (wwr), Kanuk (wwk) via chiefing, took out 1pac hammer at home which was top 10 at that time, multiple caps lost their cap tiles (this isn't much but this is what gow did). So please do explain how TEN got trashed by Gow.

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  • GoW unfortunately find themselves in a situation where they can play the victim again.

    Outside of this Goosening, what has GoW accomplished since Day 65?

    Don't flatter yourselves, you’re the worst meta left on com2

    Zenna asked last night to make it a fair fight, give you UD and UA. The whole point is to trample GoW.

    last servers the ‘Gods’ won a 3v1, why cant you win a simple 2v2 now?

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • I just wonder how does walls would have gone without the Getter access ... I only can wonder :)

    A WW win is what matters to you guys. You guys only play for the WIN. I stated it many times, even when SNAKE proposed us to "hug each other at the end" I refused it, because is not the WIN we are interested in. Winning should reflect a mentality and a culture embedded in the style. Both of you confuse winning with a winning mentality, but maybe, once you'll see what's the difference you'll get it. It will take some time.

    Yes, of course TEN is in a good position, so is Gunners right now, no? We would be an even better position if we would all be allies, and would only need to face Natars (a decent competition I would say, give the size of the account).

    Last server is the past, no one here is living in the past, so please come back to present times. If you say and makes you feel better, is a 2 vs 2 fight for sure :)

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.