10x fireworks :)

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  • hello all this is Abhishek from the account Loki in european server playing like after 6 years, and in that period forum use to be preety much active now it seems they are dead anyway i will try to put my share of tring to make it work


    this thing happen 2 day ago leaders of balkan wing were like 1 field away from me so they both tried to 0 pop me attemp was failed i use my hammer to defend and that make us top defended of the server at that time even got our hero on top 15 :) (its better to have no hammer in cap rather than losing hammer as well as cap) next thing i know is there caps our 0 pop villages chiefed and 1 of them gone on vacation mode damn travian why did u introduce just a waste feature

    our ally were in nap with them so i let them grow who knows they cant be trusted.

    https://travian-tool.com/ZxsSOK3m7Q cant take any chances now so 0 pop his 3 villa now he is happily shifted in deep :)

    https://travian-tool.com/5iFjZ…cKz,nguqHdVkQN,mXRqAQOPvY so last leader of im2 (balkan wing)

    as i already said cant take that chance we already losted our hammer so why not ...?


    team loki