Codex Victoria x2 speed

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    Dear players!

    We're happy to announce that the annual gameworld Codex Victoria x2 Speed will start on April 16, 2020.

    General information about the game world:

    Start Date

    April 16, 2020

    Start Time

    US: 07:00 am (GMT-4) server time

    UK: 12:00 pm (GMT+1)

    AU: 09:00 pm (GMT+10)

    Your local start time


    T4.5 Codex Victoria

    Gameworlds duration 120 days
    Map Ancient Europe

    Map Size

    Europe Map 401x401


    2x speed

    Beginners protection length

    3 days

    Beginners protection can be prolonged

    3 days

    Tier 2 items spawns After 25 Days
    Tier 3 items spawns After 55 Days

    Artifacts setup


    Construction plans setup


    All the information regarding the Feature Set for Codex Victoria, and the additional changes for the speed version can be found here.

    #staystrong #staysafe

    In these days, where many of you have to stay home and stay safe,
    we want to support you all with a small gift from our side.
    We will automatically give every player that registers on a Codex Victoria speed gameworld
    an additional 50 Gold to enjoy the game even more. :heart:

    Do not forget to follow the updates on the upcoming events on our Community Calendar!

    Your Travian: Legends Team