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  • New round of annual special servers starts next week, 2x speed this time. Given the current events around the globe I guess we may see new people and I hope a few paragraphs of introduction to the server will help someone. This is not a guide, just a few points to consider when you plan your game.

    Basic annual special servers feature:

    The game is won by victory points (VP). VP are collected continuously and can’t be taken away from the alliance. VP are generated by regions. To control a region, an alliance needs to have 50% +1 population there after the region reaches 4K total population between 5 largest alliances in the region. After the alliance population reaches 50% majority in the region, it takes 16 hours to activate the region. If the region is lost, it is lost immediately. If population of a region falls below 4K the region does not produce any power or VP.

    Each region also provides an artifact power to the alliance members if controlled. You don’t need to be in the region, just in the alliance that controls it to use the artifact. Artifacts are activated in treasuries (level 10 or 20, as on regular server) for 16 hours. If the region is lost, the power goes off immediately. If treasury is destroyed, the art runs till 16 hours expire. The only way to stop and reset an artifact before 16 hours is to chief the village. One large is allowed per account, and number of small is unlimited but just one per village. First activation is free, with an additional cost of 5 gold for small and 10 for large.

    TG published artifacts by region on the blog couple years ago. The artifacts - Travian Blog . The only difference is removal of fools, these regions don't have any powers, but 100/200 VP (200/400 for U-fool). There is also a map in FAQ.

    Merge. You can change the home village of YOUR OWN troops. To do so, you need to bring troops to the new desired village as a reinforcement. There will be an option “incorporate” in the rally point. It costs 2x total resources needed to train (same total the cost of training in GB/GS) or in gold equal to cost of resources/20000. Troops will have upgrades from new village. Troops don’t need to be researched in the village to be merged. Siege, chiefs, settlers and heroes can’t be merged. This is the first server with limited merge by gold – 50 gold a day per village. Merge with resources is not limited.

    Forwarding. You (the village owner) can forward troops that belong to your alliance to another village without sending them home. Both starting and destination points, as well as troops, must be in the same alliance. This is the only condition. This feature is free. Troops are being fed from the village they were last stationed in until they reach new destination. Troops move with speed of home village (including its TS and any boots arty effect). If the condition above is lost while they travel, troops will still reach destination and, if the destination belong to confederacy but not alliance, will stay as regular rein. If the destination does not belong to the same confederacy it will be send back under confederacy rules.

    Not whole map is available for settling. At the beginning, only 5 central regions are open. As soon as a region reaches 4000 population between 5 top alliances in the region, the neighboring regions are unlocked for settling.

    The server also features boosted start. You will have CP for 2 more villages and 2 sets of settlers ready to go. First 3 villages start with l5 fields. 9C and 15C can only be settled as 4th village or later.

    Official announcement for CV

    Official announcement for CV 2x

    If you are not familiar with multi-tribe account concept (as well as a couple others new features) you can read the basic here

    Choosing the starting race.

    The server is multi-tribe game world. That means you can have several tribes on the account. For example, you can start as a Hun, have Egyptian capital, Roman scouting village, Teuton hammer, and train phalanx on the side. So what is significance of starting race?

    1. Settling capital. If you plan to settle your capital as 4th village you have to start with capital tribe.

    There are only 2 choice for capital – Egyptian for enormous oases bonus and Teuton for brewery. Others have no real bonus unless you are set on capital hammer or anvil of specific tribe. Many will settle capital as 5th, 6th village or even later though. More about this below.

    2. You may have 0 villages of starting tribe by mid-game, but hero will belong to starting race till the end. Only 2 worth mention in long run – Egyptian with hero production bonus is helpful for new villages far away and Huns if you plan to focus on cavalry offense or defense.

    3. Hero will bring only weapons of original tribe from adventures. Weapon of any other tribe you can get only from auction.

    Starting strategy

    What is your goal for the start may sound as silly question for regular server. There is only one goal – get as good cropper as possible. Not the case on CodexV.

    First of all, as mentioned above, only portion of the map is unlocked for settling at the start, meaning a lot of juicy croppers will be available two, three weeks after server start or even later. It is not uncommon to switch a capital to a cropper in very remote region if the region becomes hot zone midgame.

    Second, location, location and location again. Alliance leadership might ask you to settle not a decent cropper but random field in desirable region.

    Third, you may want capital different than you starting race. That means you will have to chief the desirable tribe first and that most likely will not be a cropper.

    Last but not least, on CV 1x early raiding was amazing. Boosted start makes it much more profitable.

    With all that being said you have several options to develop the account in early game, not necessarily aim for early settling at any cost.

    Choose location of your village 2 and 3 carefully. It might be tempting to go next to desirable cropper, but keep in mind that long travel will set you back on CP and overall development. On 1x CV .com first settlers went out 108 hours after spawning, the account had 2nd and 3rd villages next to spawn. First 4th village was settled by different account that settled 2nd and 3rd villages near cropper but that was one of the closest croppers to spawn location. If you aim for a cropper in locked region, settling near the border might be reasonable.

    You may cooperate with your Egyptians teammate who will settle capital for you as his 5th village in exchange for a village of your tribe, means you will settle next to the teammate. You may aim for early catas to clear the region you settled in. You may aim for early chiefs to get different tribe, make sure you don’t chief spawn with no free slots and keep in mind that chiefed village can be cataed after you settle from it if the location is not desirable. Cataing good solid own villages in unwanted region is common practice, which sounds bizarre for regular servers.

    It is important to understand that high level Egyptians cropper produce enormous amount of crop, especially on 2x, 15C 150% Egyptians capital with fields just 17 will produce over 300K an hour. Handling such production might be tough for low gold/solo account. Add location into equation and the choice of the cropper is not that obvious.

    Where to spawn

    Quads are not equal on regional map.

    NE – solid land mass, minimum water, a lot of croppers and good raiding usually. Huge regions, which require a lot of population to control. No small boot in the quad. I have not seen a preset team that spawn in NE.

    NW – relatively small amount of water, solid land mass in center, decent number of croppers, and second fastest option for small boots (most important art for early game). Central regions are relatively big. Home of Unique architect.

    SW – relatively small land mass in center, many croppers but most of them in Africa and not available till much later on big map. Home of Unique boots. Good VP count in small regions close to center.

    SE – probably the richest in terms on VP, smallest land mass, lack of cropper. Home of Delphi (200 VP region) and Unique trainer. Most likely the early game hot spot.

    You choose ;) Please note that above points depend on population of the server and size of the map. On 400x400 map spawns can reach the end of the map within two weeks.


    With confederacy system and alliance bonuses playing solo does not make much sense even on regular servers and even less on CV. You will not be able to utilize regional powers, which is the main attraction for many fans of this game setup. If you create your own alliance you will effect regional population and most likely become an aim for a big alliance.

    If you are not starting with preset team you should find a team as soon as possible. Of course, you should, as always, demonstrate your ability to build solid account and intentions to play for the team, besides that location, location and location again is the key.

    It is hard to say before server start what regions become hot spots midgame. At the beginning regions with small boots power, small storage and small eyes are most likely to be on radar of big alliances. As well as regions that will unlock the above named neighbors. Having population in these regions might be your ticket in the alliance of your choice. Of course, contesting a cropper there might be bad idea or not if you play it right.

    Regions with unique powers might be another valuable location as well as all 100 (200 on 2x) VP regions and, of course, Delphi with 200 (400 on 2x) VP. Two sides of the medal as always – an alliance might be happy to recruit you or aim to destroy you.

    I strongly advice against joining an alliance that recruit everyone in central regions. I have never seen them winning or even showing good game. However, it is likely that team with a plan will leave central regions untouched till mid game or even later and you will have time to look around and find better alliance and location.

    Random notes

    Starting tasks list is new. You can find it here

    To open 500 CP task (residence to 10) you will need to up all fields in settled village to l7.

    Do not build residence in spawn – it has both slots taken.

    All task rewards as well as resources from adventures, will go into hero inventory and can be used in active village. Comes very handy when you settle new village far away or need to feed defense in remote location.

    A lot of details are missing. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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  • Unique scout somewhere on starting region, not much who like it but for early war.... you do not like your enemy to see what is coming...

    I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


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  • Unique art requires TC20. It is very expensive building. Even in top alliances, even with boosted start, only a few accounts can use it in early game.

  • Unique art requires TC20. It is very expensive building. Even in top alliances, even with boosted start, only a few accounts can use it in early game.

    Will you be playing this server ELE?

    Codex Victoria 2x Lord Zeus (ROGUE)

  • That's a shame, I was looking forward to watching you guys work your magic. Maybe some other time.

    If you're following the proceedings here, do you have any idea if there are any reputable teams playing this server or someone from the last Codex?

    Codex Victoria 2x Lord Zeus (ROGUE)

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  • I really would like to try the new tribes outside of this special server, is there any now ( or in the future ) normal 1x server with all 5 tribes? Also without the fast start?

  • Join birthday servers then :)

    Thats where the real fun is :)

    Artefacts for all!

    Constant fighting over territory!

    No simming hammers all server to see it gone in a second to reduce a few levels of a building :D

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