Advanced guide to Offense Planning (OC GUIDE)

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  • Prerequisites:

    Gettertools Guide: How to set it up [From Beginner to Advanced]

    GetterTools Guide #2: Using Editor Functionality for Off Planning

    Aoa Everyone.

    Earlier I did two guides on how to use gettertools, so that someday I could upload this guide on Offense Coordination (OC). I had the bulk of this guide ready for about 3 months now, but couldn't complete it due to being busy. However, I did finally manage to organize the entire thoughts.

    Almost all the contributions of this guide comes from the SGR's OCs. Besides me, the other OCs that helped me here were wishmaster3 , Obi-Wan, and Wulfr101. Wishmaster is mainly known as a DC for Ruthless. Also, I would like to say that we have not held back any information. But of course! This world is so huge that there is a chance that we have forgot something to mention. In that case, you could comment and I will add it to this guide.

    This guide Includes

    This guide is mostly for the servers where analysis of the attacks is actually possible and the game is not moving too fast for DCs. However, I am sure that everyone could learn something applicable to their server from this guide. This guide is mainly focused on the mid-game plannings that is after the artifacts release phase. Wonder plannings require a separate guide as I did start writing it, but I realized there were so many variables included that my already lengthy guide would be even more huge. Also, as DC and OC are directly related, there is a lot of talks on def coordination, and therefore the players who are looking for defense coordination guide could also read this.

    So, let's just get started.


    Table of contents


    -Why make off plans

    -how to make off plans

    --1. Gather hammer list

    --2. Have a plan

    --3. Gather a list of the Targets

    --4. Designing the ops

    --5. Planning around Spies

    --6. Planning around the scouters

    --7. Avoid Attack Groups

    --8. Plans are ready, time to message (The arts of DC)

    ----Explanation: Do not send all fakes with the real.

    ----Further Explanation: Village trained troops

    --9.1 During the Ops

    --9.2 Also During the Ops

    --10. After the Ops

    -Early game planning (some dos and don'ts)

    -Tips & Tricks

    --1. Catapults move faster than defense

    --2. Faking the defense tool

    --3. Bully yourself through!

    --4. Intentionally screw up, but not really

    --5. Using spies to monitor trends

    --6. Use spies to monitor trends p2

    --7. Double Tag

    --8. Off village structure (unInsertable waves 1)

    --9. Ally up (unInsertable waves 2)

    --10. Hammer Trains

    --11. Boots play

    --12. Stealing Eyes 101(or arties with eyes protection)

    --13. Stealing Eyes 201

    --14. Stealing eyes protected large arties

    --15. Enemies’ got a life too, sometimes they don’t follow you

    -Conclusion… Go Psycho!



    Through out my years as a Travian player, I have several times joined random servers and played almost every other com1 international server. And I have also seen a lot of the OCs who have told me that they are great at it, and then they made some horrible plans with huge splat rates... So, even if you know it all, please once go through this guide, since I am sure there is something that you might have missed. I still learn something new every other day and therefore I am looking forward to see what new things I have been missing through your comments. So if any elite OCs would like to add to this guide, please comment and I would add it to a relevant section.

    Important Note: I would like everyone to know that to be an elite OC, you do not require to resort to underhanded tactics. There is a ton of ways where you can go crazy and get on enemies' nerve without resorting to chicanery. Set that to be your goal, and maintain a good reputation. The most you want a spy to do for you is to convey you the enemy MMs and tell you about the offline times of the enemies. Nothing more. Do not ever move important artifacts from enemies through spies, and do not ever include spies in the enemy off plans. That is if you are adamant on having a spy at all.

    Why make off plans

    There are two reasons to make off plans. First one is for the win, second is for the psychology. I am not a supporter of the first type. The OCs who make off plans only for win, only make ops that have a big purpose behind it. Like zero poping a wwk, chiefing a wwk, stealing an important artifact etc. Therefore, these ops are far and few per server. In my opinion, the only reason required to make ops is to keep your allies active. Do not let them get bored, if they get bored they will use their hammers themselves, or worse… they will not get bored and instead compete for the resources with your wwks to grow! You do not want that as a leader (whose wwks play fair and without techs). So, you keep them engaged in battles so that once a week for two days your wwks will be able to restock their warehouses (I hope only the OCs and leaders are reading this). Psychology means that you are keeping your players active, boosting their morale with your attack reports while the enemy is losing morale since they keep seeing red-swords; and in case of bad leaders, they will have bad response from their def leaders, which will result into them considering to quit. You should realize that a lot of smaller players do not understand the importance of important players, and so you could work on them to get them to quit. A lot of them are also low gold users, so if you get rid of their capital fields, a simple res push cannot put them back on their feet. They will develop some sort of grudge over time. These should be your aim from the off plan: to avoid enemies getting any space to grow. Besides, if you do not keep the enemies busy, they will have time to attack you instead.

    How to make off plans
    1. Gather hammer list
    The first step before you make any off plan is to gather the list of the participants. You should always know if you got the ingredients to brew your stew or not, so make sure you know what type of hammers you have at your disposal. The list you gather should have their hammer count, their catapults count, their rams count, chief count, their online time (basically an updated gt), and of course the willingness to take part in the ops. Gather them into an excel or Google sheet where you could make a draft with the real targets for the players.

    2. Have a plan

    Before making an ops, you should always know if there is any specific plan that you would want to execute. Once you identify that plan, the rest of the ops is designed to camouflage that plan. Various tips and tricks will be discussed in this guide at later phases. You could include any of those within your plan.

    If you do not have any specific plans in mind, then make sure you have a completely ‘cover it all type’ of ops. so that if someday you have a specific type of plan in mind, then you could execute that one.

    3. Gather list of the targets
    By list of targets I mean the players that will be included in your plan, fake or real. This is a very tedious task. But on the bright side, you have to do it only once! After that in small increments the list increases and decreases as the server progresses. Below are some tips that could be used to gather list of the targets.

    Artifact holders: The first step of finding targets is paying a visit to the treasury. Every enemy there is a target. From treasury, you should also make a list of the players with the eyes and with the fools, so that you can plan around those arties with greater care. There is also the architect where you should send more catapults. Gather the targets and put them into a list.

    Finding the most important targets, wwks: Now, for the most important targets, go to the treasury and find all the trainers users and/or fool users too. With the help of rotations and double scout reports, you should have a good idea on where their wwks are located. These players should have your attention in every ops.

    Other capital targets: There are two ways that you could do this. I would not suggest the first one which is to get into the cropper finder and gather a list of the 100% croppers. Rather I would suggest that you go click on each and every player and note their capital coordinates, their tribe, the population, and cropper oasis. All of that could be done within 2 clicks. Remember, this you only do once! And you could ask for help from other players to put this into a Google sheets! A minor trick here that I could perhaps point out to would be that you could also note the enemy’s weapon, to judge if the player is off or def (crude way), but it’s a good supposition for the start. Worked great before Travian introduced defense statistics.

    Finding anvils: Finding the anvil players is a lot easier now with the def point system upgrade. However, you should try to pinpoint the villages where the anvils are made too. Ask your scouters to send 2x scouts on some of the target villages with a time difference of 4 to 5 mins so that you can monitor the growth of the troop production. The ones where the druids/phalanxes, spears/paladins, or praetorians have increased are further targets for you.

    Eye Holders: Do not let eye holders intimidate you. Every other ops make sure someone with the hero is going there. His real attack could be anywhere else without the hero. But do make sure that someone with the hero is going there with a 16+1+1+1+1 type of fake attack. Also you would be amazed how easy it is to zero their capital fields with just some infantry + catapults combination.

    Storage holders: Do also check out the storage arti holders, and find out which players got the smaller ones and which players used the bigger storages where. For villages where the large storage was used, you could send 1 catapult fakes on the enemies to target gw/gg to see if they hit random or they find target. If they find gw/gg, note them as potential targets. In your real attacks, you could hit them with some bad attacks to make sure the hammers are not defended and they do bring down the storages. Be a nuisance ;)

    4. Designing the Ops
    Before you head to the gettertools, it is a good idea to have a draft of the plan ready in an excel/Google sheet. The draft could and probably should only include the list of the real targets. Choose which real targets you want, and once done proceed to gettertools to find who have the online times for those targets. You can also make off plans for your elite players in the Google sheets (the ones with 24/7 online times), and then proceed to gettertools to make the rest of the plan there based on online times. My guide on how to use Gettertools Editor Functionality, in details, helps you understand how to make an ops there using the online time functionality. You could use the imaginary circle concept discussed there to easily add fakes/reals. Below are general tips on how you should design an ops that could incorporate any future dedicated plans.

    Every ops, make sure you do include all the targets: starting from the feeders, arties, wwks, hammers, anvils, and of course the capitals. The reason you do this is to minimize your trends. If in one of the ops you decide to target the wwks, it should not appear different to the enemies. If in one of the ops, you’d want to get rid of some important feeders, your plan should not stand out in that aspect. Example: All the previous ops have been only capital fakes. One of your allies tells you that the enemy’s garaged up at xyz village and it has big storages. Now, if you go ahead and add this as a target to one of your attackers, you are just sending him to his graveyard. To avoid this, your previous ops should have had some feeder strikes too. So that at the time of need, your current ops does not stand out in any aspect. Of course, the stand out feature can always be fakes too. For example, you have never targeted wwks before, this round you send zero pop fakes, they will think this is it. But they’re fakes. So, think from the perspective of the enemies. If you do not know your enemies, the first ops are usually very difficult. You do have to know if your enemies analyze your attacks or not. So try to design the first ops in a way that would demonstrate to you the enemies’ priorities. In other words, make sure you follow your reals and fakes with some scouts too. You could also discuss with some experienced players that if his team has an attack of this sort, which targets would he defend? That would give you an idea of what to do and what not to do.

    A good mix of targets would include fakes/reals against capitals, wwks, hammers, feeders, anvils, some chiefing attempts and etc. Please note that I do not mean to set this per each player; nobody would buy a big player would go for hitting feeders (that means you could try that!). So these aspects should be covered by all the players, and not by every player. Not everyone has to go against feeders too. Or else you will end up with 20+ fakes per players, or otherwise a lot of excluded enemy players.

    On the other hand, your ops should also “execute” different types of attacks and not just include them. Now, why you do this? If in the past few ops, you have only hit capitals, or only hit hammers or only feeders, then this ops, someone screws up and makes a blatant mistake that he’s targeting a capital; that would alert the enemies that your entire ops is based on capital hits. So they can ignore all the fakes on feeders/hammers/anvils etc. And only defend the capitals. Basically please do realize that “you are not the only one who is here to play.” Your trends are exactly what the enemies will be looking for. Once they have a good understanding of how you work; then, they can predict your next move and wall nearly all your hammers.

    You should also make sure from the targets you chose, you shuffle them up too. What I mean is that different ops, pick different players to fake too. For example if in every ops you have been attacking the same 100 players 100 with fakes/reals, and now a player “Alpha” is being a nuisance, by adding him to the attack list you’ve broken your trend. Even if it appears like a minute difference to you, to that player “Alpha” it will look something completely new and he can tell his leaders, “this is the first time I’m seeing an attack so I might be their target this time,” So, make sure during every ops, there is a shuffle of enemies included within the ops. Do not keep repeating the same ops and do not keep on excluding the same players. Shuffle them up. And if something like that happens where you have to add someone, make sure you start with fakes against him since that’s exactly where the enemies will defend.

    5. Planning around spies
    Unfortunately, you should keep an eye on the spies and players you trust a little less than the rest for whatever reasons. Basically, if you doubt someone, do not assign him/her a real target alongside another big player of yours (at least not at first). In fact, if you want to follow my procedure of attacks, I have 3 sets of attacks on all the targets (if capitals/feeders). At the real targets, there are only 2 sets that are real, and 1 is fake. The reason behind this is that it lets me experiment with the players. If I trust someone less than the others, I’ll send his real on a target that has another smaller hammer alongside him + a fake from a big player. If those 2 splat, that reinforces my thoughts of spy since I believe the enemies saw an opportunity (through their spy report) to wall the bigger hammer. Furthermore, sometimes only 1 of the 3 attack sets is real. I have, specially, done that a lot!

    Another feature of my planning is that during every ops, I set every single hammer to target at least half of the wwks (depends on how many there are). The reason behind this is that if one of them is a spy, they have a fake on a wwk, they’ll report that “we have a fake” on this wwk. And the enemies might not defend it. Even if a real is being targeted by my hammers, still I send at least half the hammers as fakes on that same target for the same reason. Same goes for every other wwk village. You shouldn’t let the report from a spy to disrupt your ops. That’s why you have to be as chaotic while planning as possible. Even on the wwks, sometimes for no reasons really, I ask the players to send 4 same seconds reals; even though it is followed by some 50+ other fakes (PS: I do this only if I know the target is not going to get defended as I have known our enemies for quite some time. Or else I send his attack at a time to make sure that his hammer will survive. I do not intentionally kill his hammer… sometimes).

    I am sure there are various other ways to avoid situations with the spies. But your final aim as the OC is that if a spy tells the enemy, “I’ve been sent on xyz target with a real,” it will not give away anything at all; they will not know if the other 2 sets of attacks in the waves are reals. *caugh* *caugh* once you accomplish that, then you’d realize that the spy is having more pros than cons :P Since the enemies don’t want to lose their spy in the next ops, they’ll most likely let the spy attacker go through which is a success for you really.

    6. Planning around scouters

    Some players often suggest asking a neighbor to park his siege as a diversion to the scout reports. But to my experience from the very few DCs I have done, I have never considered that to be any real source of information. And have always neglected it. Especially, if there is a hero in the scout report. Perhaps, against weaker teams it might work in fooling, but against teams who take crop scouts, I do not believe it’s going to work. To me, there are four possible solutions which I have used in the past.

    1st, and the easier one, is preparing the scout walls. This is especially useful, if one of your targets has a large standing scout and enemies always visit him with even larger Eyes scout. If you reinforce this player, the enemies will lose a good chunk of scouts. Other than this, you could prepare some scout walls randomly and kill some scouts from time to time. Make sure the enemy scouting comes at a price. But do not over do this! You also want to use your scouters to gather intel on the enemies to how they reacted to your ops. How much def they gathered at a particular village? Where to strike next? And all related information that could be useful towards your next ops.

    2nd solution is playing mind games. I have explained this also in the tips & tricks section in further. You should intentionally make some mistakes from time to time such as a resting hammer that would show his hammer at home, so that when someone actually makes a mistake, it will not reveal much to the enemies. Rather they will have to think if you have done this intentionally or not.

    3rd solution is that of quick launches. All the attacks of a specific player should be arranged close together. In other words, within 2 hours he should send all his attacks (around 15 to 20 of those). For this, you have to rely on Gettertools map. Once you know one of the targets for a specific player, you could check the map and pick other targets that are close to that first target so that you all your player’s launch times are all close to each other too. Alternatively, you could also use the concept of the imaginary circles to get even closer launch times while the players are more spread out. Explained in the other guide that I will quote:

    4th solution is kind of simple one and only works once, but you may do this for a noob/careless player or two. Make their first attack as their real so that their troops are not caught home. This is risky and could be figured out if you keep it up every other ops.

    7. Avoid attack groups

    Attack groups is coupling two or three players together and making the exact same plans for them. I cannot say enough on how much of a bad idea this is; specially, when you are randomly grouping up the players. If it is done purposefully, I might agree with some advantages as I will mention in the tips & tricks section such as “uninsertable waves 2”. But done randomly, will result into the entire ops falling apart and a splat rate of greater than 50%.

    First of all, if there is a spy, he can leak his attack to wall a bigger player (how to play around this, discussed in the relative section). Secondly, if they both have 10 fakes, first player screws up on the 4 of those, second player screws on the other 4 targets, the enemy DC then just has to figure out which of the other two that they didn’t screw up on are the real targets…. This only happens when two players have all their attacks going to the same locations.

    Below is a direct quote from wishmaster3 who talks about the time he walled 80% of the enemy hammers only because he didn’t have enough defense to wall them all.

    I see that the same players are grouped on targets. This means I can disregard the attacks where there's overlap between the groups, or where only half the group has sent and so on. Also means that if one from the group messes up somewhere, I can catch the entire group.

    But then, do remember that you can misuse this by creating some fake groups and intentionally making it look to the enemies that you’re a bad off planner. The complexity of such an ops can be higher, as you want your allies to not mess up while trying to make them look like they’re messing up (basically, they might commit two negatives and turn it into a positive).

    And also you should know that by having similar attack groups for more than 1 rounds, the enemies can guess the players you couple together. When they see the further one launch on one of the players, they could calculate the launch time of the 2nd player for that target and drop a timed scout before and after his launch time to see if his entire hammer was at home or not (this is called timed scouts). That way, even elite players could get walled. (workaround discussed in tips and tricks section, under hammer trains)

    8. Plans are ready, time to message (Arts of DC)

    Make sure your players are on board; especially the ones that have some special task or something unconventional. This is a sample of the message that all your players should always understand.

    1. Time Zone

    Make sure your time zone is set to the UTC+0. Also make sure your GT time is also set to the UTC + 0.

    2. Hero experience + hero boots

    Before sending your first fakes, fix your hero boots and make sure it is not army speed boots. If you forget this, and while sending your real attack you suddenly realized, then send your real attack without your hero. So, make sure it is fixed before your first fake. Hero should stay at home and not gain any experience point either. If during the fakes, by mistake, your hero gains experience (noob sitter/dual sent adventure, or hero tanked a fake attack) then send your real attack without your hero too. If you do not do this, that means all the attacks sent earlier with the other hero boots + previous hero xp were fake.

    3. If your catapult targets are not specified, target crop fields.

    4. Dodge your hammer

    Goes without saying, if enemies find hammer at home, that means earlier attacks were all fakes. They can mark all of them as clear. Your raiding from main hammer should also be stagnant before your first official/formal fake. If you are using one hammer, make sure it is home for the very first fake to the last one (OCs note that your plan should not be like a stupid player where fakes and reals have a 10 hr + window. Make sure you know your players and do not assign plans like that to average players: only your elite ones. Also remember to talk to them if what you are asking from your players is taxing, to make sure they can feed their hammers home for that long. Alternatively, they might have to gather up res for the duration you are asking his hammer at home. So, communicate and be on the same page.)

    5. Do not send all fakes along with your real

    Please do not do this. If you are going away for an emergency or just being lazy, do not sabotage the entire plan by sending the fakes along with the real.

    6. Keep the village troops constant

    Calculate your total fakes and only keep that many troops at home. And make sure that you do not send them away and be left without troops for the rest of the fakes! For example, your total fakes/attacks are about 15 waves. 15 x 4 x 19 = 1140 troops + 15 x 4 = 60catapults. Keep that many troops at home, and remove everything else that is being trained from time to time. If you do not do this, and enemies take 2/3 scouts from you, they will check out how much troops you have trained since your real attack has left. From there, they will work backwards to find your launch time. (Again a note for OCs, this should make you realize how important it is for your allies to assign them fakes and reals that are close together in time. If your plan includes that, you do not require to explain this bit to your players. )

    Explanation of point 5: Do not send all fakes with the real.

    Some of the genius attackers, often, send all their attacks together. They are going to be busy for 1 hour due to watching TV during their marked online time. So, they wait for 5mins for their attack time, then they send all of the other attacks within the hour at the same time… what does this imply now? In this scenario, let’s say his real attack lands exactly at 10:00, perfect timing. All his other attacks, however, land between 9:00 to 9:55, which is usually not a problem... But in this case, when the enemies check the sent time of the attackers, they’d realize that this player has sent all the attacks at the same time – and only cared for his real to be right on time. So, you just gave away the real to the enemies. DO NOT DO THIS. Unless if the real is one of the other attacks. In the past, this trick has worked successfully against elite alliances. That is when your real attack is sent on the same time with the fakes. But the problem, as an OC, is that sometimes you have to explain to your players that you grouped his attacks based on his launch times and not his land times, which is taxing since you should explain to them your motives. And if you don’t, the brilliant minds of your attackers just consider that you have made a mistake, so they fix their own timings.

    Further Explanation of point 6: Village trained troops

    This sneaky trick is useful against noober alliances. In com1, however, its use has expired. When the enemies (especially during the ww attacks) send their real attacks, they send all the troops behind. So, when you scout them and notice some of the troops are built, you can see how much time is required to build that much troops, then you deduct that time from the current time to find the launch time of the player. Let’s say that you have scouted him and he has some 20 EIs at home. You calculate the EIs training, and you find out that it takes 10hours for 20 EIs to build. Then you proceed to see if he has any attacks send 1 hour earlier, and you realize he has a set of 4 fakes. This set of 4 fakes is his real attack basically. Why? Since he sent everything in his real attack and only now his stable has made further 20 troops only. (Scouting over time can also give you similar results). But do remember that Enemies are perfectly capable of performing some grade 3 math to figure out that within the past 4 hours, 5 fakes were sent and only 20 catapults are missing, so everything is fake. Unless, done intentionally. In past, we did intentionally pass on wrong info during our wwk ops, not sure if the enemies picked it or not, or cared to pick either. They had gone all in def on their ww anyways.

    9.1 During the Ops

    You have to be versatile and get ready for all the scenarios. During the ops it is very important that someone is in constant contact with the players to make sure they’re not screwing up and someone who is constantly watching the treasury. Imagine a player that is 40 hours away has sent an attack on someone, and his target quickly moves the small eyes or large eyes to his village. Now, another player is going to launch in 20 hours; if you do not tell him to stop and switch his attack type, both are basically just going to die. Monitoring the Eagle Eyes is crucial. You always have to keep an eye at treasury, and if it moves, and you’re sure that the enemies will have enough time to gather enough defense at the target, then ask your player to fake the target with a hero and get his hammer without the hero elsewhere. It’s literally going to be a free hit for him. I’d even go ahead and split his hammer into at least 2 capitals since the enemies are sure where his real will be headed. Let the cost of your ops be the 1 hammer that had an earlier launch and not both.

    On the other hand, you should also keep a watch on the fools arti. Usually, it is the best idea to have a plan for fools that has launchers later than the switch period. That way, you could make sure that the fools is not an eye by the time they’re launching (add to the details of their plans to monitor themselves if they’re not noobs).

    On the other hand, if you have a spy on enemy sides, pay attention to their reports and listen to the CFDs. Try to see their trends of defense calls, how does the enemy react to the plans? Did your players make a mistake somewhere that they got one of the targets right? If you notice that one of the targets has been def called for, you could again minimize the damage done by moving targets for your player. Do not send someone to his grave. Sometimes, you can bully through. Sometimes you cannot. If you can’t, then be versatile and quickly switch up the plan.

    There is also the possibility that one of your idiot allies might have his hero equipped with army speed boots while sending 4 same second waves… One of the noobs might have sent his hero on an adventure while having sent 4 same second waves on enemies. It is a good idea, at this moment to tell those players to send all the rest of the attacks without their hero. Or get them to include their hero on the enemy eyes holders. Otherwise, this is what happens: He sent 10/15 fakes, now 4 more fakes and 1 real to go. He realizes that his hero is wearing the wrong boots. He switches it and sends the other 4 fakes and 1 real. Now, the enemies can know those 10 targets were fakes for “every” other player who was going there. And their search gets narrowed down to these 5 targets.

    There is also the possibility that a player might get caught with his hammer at home. And he has had sent some fakes out earlier which the enemies can consider fake. It is really hard to work around this, but the only thought that comes to my mind is to intentionally do it 2-3 times. Give some of your hammers a break every other ops and ask them to keep their hammers at home to get caught during scouts. And when the hammer gets caught home, they’d assume all their previous fakes were fakes, but some of your allies might be headed there as real. Once they see you could intentionally try to do this, your spoon fed allies can have a bigger margin for error. (Please do not tell me: But they can ask an ally to reinforce them and fool the enemies. Perhaps at your server this is possible, in our servers it’s always a crop scout and enemies can realize a village being at -250k and only100k hammer is parked, so 150k is hunting)

    In past, the biggest screw ups during the attacks which I got was from noobs whose time were not set to UTC… or worse… those who lands 24hours earlier. In such scenarios, you should act asap and move away all the other players from that target. Remember you’re allowed to panic, and this is a good time.

    9.2 Also during the Ops

    Fixing the screw ups is not the only thing you require doing during the ops. Remember, you should also gather data and prepare scout walls where required (discussed earlier). Gathering data is very important, since it lets you to dive into the enemy minds and see how they react. The more time you have, the better understanding you can get from your enemies. This is what you need to know:

    1. Which allies sent perfect 4 same sec waves?

    2. Which allies sent to all the assigned targets?

    3. Which allies were very reliable and communicated well with you?

    4. Which allies can pull out complex plans?

    5. See which targets has been sent good fakes, and send scouts to see how much def was gathered there

    6. What is the priority of defense for the enemies?

    7. You could also go ahead and note the def stats of the enemies to find the defenders, so that you could compare their increase yourself (if you wanted to push the limits)

    Remember, when you gather data, you should not assume the enemies’ reaction to be absolute. They are also gathering data; they want to see what style of ops you perform and the first ops is a wild card where neither knows about the other. They want to know what your mentality is, so that they adapt to it in the next ops. So, always make sure you have the bigger picture in mind and stay ahead of them. AND NEVER ASSUME THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS THINKING HERE.

    10. After the Ops

    Gathering reports! Find out the players that didn’t launch, the players that did. Your reliable players and all that. Check out your scout reports too. This is the phase where you start thinking on how to approach for the next ops. Gather the stats, get an insight into the enemies reaction, and then try to see what they would expect you to do next time and do not do that.

    After you have some intel, you could repeat the process. In the first few ops you basically lay a foundation for a future epic ops. You could have kept targeting capitals, to be known as the capital guy, so that in your future you would face less chances of defense against an important crucial arti. Literally, the possibilities are endless. But always make sure you have some real game winning targets in mind for “someday” and plan the previous ops accordingly.

    And do not forget! Gather the reports and MM them to allies. It will motivate your allies when they see the reports. I remember during my first server to have started the off planning only to get my name in those reports too. Also, when the smaller players look at the big hammers, they get motivated to build something similar too.

    Early Game Planning

    Early game planning is different from server to server: different conditions, different scenarios. So I cannot write a generalized guide as I can for mid-game planning or end-game planning. The main focus of this guide is mid to late game planning, so I will only share the experience I have gained and the mistakes that you should avoid if you make plans for early game. The situation I will consider will be that you are the dominant alliance of the quadrant, and you are having military drills for your players to prepare them for cross-quad wars, which is basically the usual style of 1x servers.

    First mistake that you should avoid would be that of stopping your ally hammers for more than 12 hours (1x servers). Your players are almost all going to be raiding and growing their hammers, so if you want to stop them to attack someone within the quadrant that is about 10 hours one-way away , you have handicapped his account for more than 24hours (stopping raid, two way trip, starting back the raids). In these 24 hours, he will have to feed his troops at the expense of his own account’s growth, while he will also most likely not be able to queue more troops. Couple that with the dead troops due to some fakes, and his losses on his mission and you should realize this is going to affect your player. So, unless if the target is a really big deal, please do not stop one of your hammers to take a one way trip longer than 3 hours or a maximum of 5 hours. Early game your players are meant to snowball.

    Second common mistake that I see is that the players have a common landing time. You cannot do that, since early game hits are meant to be within the 3 to 5 hours period, and therefore you cannot find a common landing time between all your players. Instead, give them 24 hours period to launch all their attacks in. Again this is situational and sometimes you might require to micro manage the players, but majority of the times you do not. Divert the enemy defense earlier and make them send defense to far away players. Afterwards, go with close fakes and reals.

    Third common mistake that I see is the very small catapult count players going towards the capital of the enemies. While the likelihood of the smaller enemies being noobz might be high, but you should still consider the presence of stone mason lodge at those capital villages "for exactly those reasons". During the early games, you want to intimidate, and not to risk yourself losses without dealing any serious damage. So, aim towards the feeders rather than the capitals. Based on different server types, you might also want to recruit those players later on.

    To make plans for the early games, you could use gettertools “active finders”. Using that feature, for every attacker of yours, you could find nearby active players that you want to remove. Stick to the 20 box search, and do not go higher for casual servers.

    Tips & Tricks

    I have gathered a list of tips and tricks that have been done in the past which could give you a good insight to what goes inside an OC’s mind. These are mostly dedicated small ops that form a part of the bigger ops that you plan. Do remember what I said earlier, your main ops should have something of everything in it. Different hammers have different purposes. These tips and tricks, however, could be the ones that you prepare outside the gettertools and on the Google sheets for some dedicated players, and then you build the rest of your ops in order to camouflage your main objective.

    1. Catapults move faster than defense

    Based on the topic, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is that the defenders are not online when you launch. And if you have paid attention to this guide’s content, you’d realize that we do not think here in such ways. You should always assume the worst case scenario. In this case, that is the threat of defenders always being online.

    Your aim, in this type of attacks, is to move the defense away. The only participants of this type of ops are the ones that you highly trust. This ops is a type of border attack; highly useful to result into minimum casualties. To explain how this ops looks, I will take the perspective of defense coordinator.

    ReIahuA.pngAttacker is at 5|90, and I notice 3 attacks at 2,3 and 4. His travel time to target 1 is 3 hours (relatively close). The landing times of his attacks are at 10:00 utc, so I wait till 7:00 to see if he attacks 1 or not before moving all the defense. (If you’re not an intermediate DC, when you see fakes you wouldn’t give def calls right away. You take out the list of the possible targets by searching the croppers that are closer to the enemy. And from there you check which possible targets might get included. I have, of course, done my homework. And therefore, I foresee an attack on 1) After my wait is done and I see no attacks till 7:15, I assume that the attacker is not going to include this target and so I proceed with the def calls. Now that my defense is moving, I see the attacker includes an attack on 1 which lands at 11:00 utc. Knowing that this is real, will not help anymore. The defense is moving to other targets, they will reach at 10:00, and withdrawing and resending cannot make it back to 11:00 utc.

    This is what it meant by catapults travel faster than defense. If you can move the defense around, your catapults can get free shots at enemies. If their DC is amateur and does not realize what you have done was intentional, you could repeat it again honestly. Every other server I have repeated this on a relatively larger scale (7 to 9 hammers) and I am yet to get a single splat off this.

    As a DC, this is not easy to play against. If you know your enemy has got this tactic in his arsenal, you could go by predicting the one target and defending that one. You should be, however, cautious. If the enemy knows you too, the real will be one of the previous waves (a player that I know did exactly that and zeroed the crop fields of a very important off player).

    2. Faking the defense tool

    I have written a guide on this earlier click here for the link. You could take a look here: Advanced Strategy Guide (Faking the Defense Tool). Basically, this is a very high skilled attack that fools both the defender and the defense tool and helps you snatch an artifact. It cannot be used to target the enemies with same second waves (not recommended). But it is great for snatching arties.

    3. Bully yourself through!

    (Another strategy that helps you to seize yourself an arti) This tactic is probably the second best one that I have come up with. Perhaps someone else has done it earlier than me too, but they have definitely not pulled it off against elite defense coordinators with the sophistications that we put in. We turned around a very bad looking server around when we managed to pull this off and steal the Unique Trainers. The aim of this type of ops is to bully yourself through the defense and get the arti. The overall concept is very simple, but pulling it off requires a whole lot of planning and diversions. The planning will be discussed below, while the concept is this: first hammers goes in with the siege to destroy the treasury and the wall, followed by an insert of a second fast titaned ghost hammer, which the enemies didn’t expect, to clear the remaining defense and take the artifact out.

    Here is how we pulled this off. Firstly, we had a lot of information on how our enemies usually act. We had earlier passed on the defense count of primary attacker’s off numbers to the enemies through the crop scouts. We knew that our enemies defend based on kirriloid simulations, which means a few thousand more defense than what is required. They had to do this since our ally, for the past 10 days, had been constantly faking their large arties every 24 hours. They also knew that our attacker has the capacity of acting alone. He had in past demolished at least 5-6 capitals. Also, my attacker had the instruction that all his fakes should always be 17 + 1 + 1 + 1 to make sure we account for the eagles eyes switch. The daily fake landing time of my attacker had been around 7, for a week at least. Basically before going to sleep, he would send his daily fakes. The time was chosen since we assumed they would hopefully be sleeping at that time (they turned out to be Asians…). After a week, we decided it was time and so we monitored their artifacts. One of the enemies had got his large storage arti activated for few hours. The landing time would’ve been 15 hours later. In other words, an ideal target for enemies to check with the large eyes, so I asked our player to include his hero on this wave with 17+1+1+1+1 wave to make sure it looks real during the eye check (also you should know that we had lost our large storage, so this was so perfect an opportunity for us to try and sell them that we are indeed coming for the LS). Afterwards my attacker puts his main attack on the Unique Trainers, without the hero: full force, single target siege the treasury, and ram the wall.

    The enemies, of course, did as we predicted and checked the storage with the eyes. Seeing the hero incoming, and monitoring the top raider attacker’s raid decreasing – they did defend this target. However, they are of course not noobs and they did assume that our player’s attack might have been on the Unique Trainers and we might add a hero to pick it up after him, so they also defended the Unique Trainers to be cautious.

    So, here is where we come around. We did predict that the enemies would defend it either ways: Ready with a small boots in our treasury, we are just 2 hours away from the artifact with a 25k EIs hammer. The real purpose of the previous hammer was to bully through and destroy the wall and treasury with a high siege count to pave way for us to pick up the arti with a ghost hammer. It was not meant to successfully clear the defense, but rather prepare the ground for a ghost hammer to pick up an arti. So the previous hammer died, and we cleared the rest of the defense and picked up the UT.

    Now about the timing of our attacks. We chose the morning time to make sure the least activity; specially, since we knew one of their best DCs is asleep at that time to be able to react to our ghost. On the other hand, we had a small arti in our treasury, so that on the odd chance that they would notice this attack they would assume this is a desperate mode attack to reduce casualties from the large storage (human’s inherently born lazy – if we can give them some false sense of security, they will take it). And we did not add fakes to all the large, only the one unique – what we were counting on is the lack of observation of the enemy. We didn’t want to risk a quick movement of the arti by putting them into alert mode by new additions of attacks on multiple targets. The insert, of course, has to be on the exact same second. Otherwise, there is a chance of inserting a treasury level to ruin your entire plan.

    The result of this attack was a full splat of the first hammer as predicted, but they did go destroy the wall and treasury along. Our ghost followed up and cleared the rest and picked the arti up (we had prepared a detailed market place sheet that gave 10 of my allies their launch time of resources for 20 of their villages. Basically, within 10 mins we moved an arti out and inserted 4mill+ resources and raised a full treasury 20. I would’ve shared my google sheet here but with the new market place system it is no more required).

    4. Intentionally screw up, but not really

    Well, there are just many ways of doing this. And you have to do them once a while too, as it adds to the margin of error your allies can commit. Let the enemy think you have made a mistake, but in reality have an alternative plan in mind. This can be done by showing the hero in another wave, having mismatched waves on the real target and perfect ones everywhere else, and literally anything that would play with the minds of the enemies.

    To give an example of this type of ops, I’d refer to wishmaster and obi’s plans where they chiefed a wwk. They had sent someone with 30+ hours of travel time to target a wwk and gave him a few more targets. The real target was a border account and was relatively close. What they did then was to get another main clearing hammer to land 1 minute earlier than this wave. In other words, now the enemies wouldn’t def call for this hammer since the gap of attacks is about 1minute and they could just tablet and gold this village up if required. However, close to the target, there was another hammer with 3 chiefs that the enemies did not know existed. This hammer sent some catapult wave fakes on few targets and a real chiefing wave that would land slightly earlier than their other chiefing wave. Consequently, they chiefed the target.

    Another example would be to ask someone to send his attacks without hero while his hero is equipped with army speed boots, for the last 3 waves, ask him to hide his hero and remove the boots. That would make the enemy think that all the earlier attacks were fakes, and the real is one of the final 3 attacks where his hero is located.

    There are countless ways in which you could make something like this happen. Look at what the DCs are looking for, and abuse those points to give them fake information. Once they think that this is something that you could do intentionally, your allies could screw up and they wouldn’t be sure if it is a screw up or something intentional.

    5. Using spies to monitor trends

    This is another neat strategy that is often used by our enemies. While spies can help, you can do it manually too. There are always some players who go to sleep after getting done with trainers and the ally who is late at sending the hero is arriving during his sleep. At this point, the player with the artifact moves the arti to a side village and there destroys his treasury and removes defense to go sleep. You can know about the sleep by checking for green through spies (or by knowing the players personally through messaging in game and being chatty). This is an opening for a hero with boots to snatch this “small trainers” if you manage to beat the time of the other incoming player. Do it and risk it: the benefits outweigh the embarrassment from your opportunistic behavior!

    In my absence, this happened to my alliance once. When I am coordinating the trainers, I make sure that there is defense at the village, and if the current user is going to sleep then the new trainer user is sitting him to remove the defense.

    6. Use spies to monitor trends p2

    Ok, so this one. Doing something like this didn’t really occur to me. So I was really amazed when I heard about it. I am not sure about the full story, so if I am not right on how it actually happened, then you guys have got a new strategy for yourself.

    Basically, you monitor one of the big wwk builders on how he passes on the trainers and see if there is room to exploit. In this case, it seems like the player would send all the defense from his hammer town back home, while then moving his leftover troops to the capital before he would switch the trainers. The enemies monitored his activity, and apparently when he went green dot, they sent a ghost to his capital to snipe his troops. And they were successful at killing a huge rammer.

    So, now let’s tackle some ways in which to track someone’s activity. Firstly, defense being sent home. This is quite easy, reinforce the target hammer and when he’s moving the arti out, he will send your troops back too. Stay alert to note this. Secondly, there is also the population of the target. Some players destroy the treasury while the ally hero is on the move. Unlike the earlier event, this time the target village is the same as the one where the hammer is present. So, trainers steal is not possible due to the troops being trained. Thirdly, you can use the scouts to see if he parks his hammer during this time of trainer movement. And finally, the player becomes green dot in alliance page. This gives you two information, first is the obvious one that the player is has gone away, and second is the less evident one: a player dot turning green now would mean that the incoming hero is far, or else he would have remained behind the pc to see the attack through and remove his produced troops by the time the ally hero arrives. Once your analysis of a player is complete, look if there is any habit that you can abuse.

    Using spies to monitor the offline times of enemy wwks is something fairly common: to find a time where you could ghost their wwks. However, do know that having spies is not the only way to do this. You could also be chatty with enemy players and see when they go offline.

    7. Double Tag

    (The name is made up by me to give this section a title) This is fairly common, or common enough that players know even though few follow. In this ops, two players coordinate together. They hit 2 targets together, at one of the targets player A leads, and at the other target player B leads. The target that player A clears is followed by 4 same sec waves from player B. And the target that is cleared by player B is followed by 4 same sec waves from player A.

    Shortcomings: There are two main reasons why the participation in this type of ops is fewer than usual. First of all, it requires dedicated grouping of attackers which increases the possibility of mistakes as I discussed earlier in this guide. And secondly and more importantly, the amount of fakes required to pull such an off ops is too high. The fake account basically doubles, that means if 10 per target, now to be safer you require at least 15 per player (20x4x15 = 1200 troops dead which is 2-3 days production for romans).

    8. Off village structure (unInsertable waves 1)

    This structure is a trademark of my team (my team as in my teammates from my account, I started this from my 2nd server in 2012 and honestly never seen anyone else do it, or else didn’t notice them). Every single server where we play off, we have always observed this.

    This is how it looks: the first and main hammer is deeper into the quadrant, and your 2nd hammer goes a slightly inside the quadrant. (Difference = 1 block). Basically, they’re at diagonals of each other with the weaker hammer being closer to the center by 1 block. The smaller hammer does not have to be huge, what matters is the catapults count.

    Now, why should this practice be followed? When you attack from the first and main hammer, the timing is going to be greater than the timing of the 2nd and weaker hammer. So, you will have a period where you can insert 4 more waves on top of the previous attack. This can also be done with the main hammer having a lower TS level.

    Since starting this game, I have always wanted to have 5 consecutive villages on the diagonal to send 20 same second fakes. But inserting 4 same seconds on top of each other is not easy. You guys could perhaps push the limits.

    9. Ally up (unInsertable waves 2)

    This is a neat way to stack up to 12 waves on top of each other relatively safe. I believe, this always has to be done between the elite attackers who don’t miss their timings. Sadly, I have not had more than 1 elite off attacker in past who could pull off something complex such as this. So, I have not done it but perhaps if a group of elite players come together, they could pull this one off too.

    For this type of ops, what you do is that the hammer closer to the center is the stronger hammer. The weaker hammers is deeper into the quadrant.. The weaker hammer launches his attack, 4 same second waves. Then the stronger hammer lands 1 second earlier than the weaker hammer, with 8 same second waves. By doing this:

    1. He clears for the weaker hammer.

    2. His 2nd set of 4 catapults will insert on the top of the weaker hammer, which would give him a cleaner for his escortless catapults.

    Example: Weaker hammer at 100/100

    Stronger hammer at 50/50

    Target is 20 hours away from weaker, and 15 hours away from the stronger. Weaker sends to land at 21:00. Stronger sends to land at 20:59:59 + 21:00:00. His first 4 waves will clear the way, while his second 4 waves will drop on the top of 21:00 and follow the weaker hammer without any chances of inserts.

    DC Perspective: DC could decide to insert an anvil at 20:59:59 to kill the 2nd hammer and the 8 waves entirely and let you go without scratch. With a few fakes, this is going to become a lot less likely.

    Extra: This above can be repeated by 1 more hammer. If there is another closer to the center, ask him to land at 20:59:59 with 8 waves. His first 4 waves will be on top of the stronger hammer, and the 2nd four waves will be on the top of the weaker hammer. That is 20 waves between 1 second and 3 hammers.

    10. Hammer Trains

    There are a lot of pros and cons to the hammer trains. What is a hammer train? You send a big bunch of hammers towards one target and bully yourself through to zero that target. Sometimes you have some hammers that want to die due to inactivity, and those hammers make themselves ideal target for such purpose. Other times, you have teuton attackers who are too drunk to aim properly, and for them you would want to give targets where they wreck everything in sight so that their aim is not important.

    There are, at times, massive wwks at the enemy side that can cause a big time damage on your ww. For that purpose you might consider sending a hammer train there. However, hammer trains is not limited to the wwks zero pop, hammer trains are also used for unique arti steals such as the Unique Diet or the Unique Architect. During the ww phase, hammer trains are also common for stealing attempt of the architect before your WWR and WWK lands.

    Hammer trains is basically some 10 to20 hammers all going to the same target in the order of “stronger” to “weaker” which is usually not based on their crop count since – for some reasons –drunk warriors are stronger in the game. The pros of the hammer trains are exactly what I mentioned earlier, trying to bully through and achieve your aim. However, the cons are what should concern you.

    If the enemy correctly guesses the target, all your hammers go boom. This did happen at a game we were playing against the enemies. We wrapped up a target with 3million defenders and the enemies splatted over 3million attackers at that target. From there on, we proceeded to win the server since the enemies had nothing left to divert our defense from our wonder.

    Hammer trains are relatively easy to catch to. Besides the usual screw ups that happens by individual players, you could also use timed scouts against elite teams for this purpose. You guess 3-4 players who are going to be part of the hammer train, and calculate their launch time on one of your players. Then you scout 5 seconds before his launch, and 5 seconds after his launch. If you notice that his hammer was there 5 seconds before the launch, and absent 5 seconds after the launch – that means you found the target.

    In an attack plan against us, what the enemies did to fool us was to include a 5th wave of entire hammer, and then pulling back the entire hammer wave back while letting the 4 targets go (about a minute later). This could have worked, if the target they were aiming for was a closer to the center one. Seeing the hammer there meant for us that all the targets further than that one were fakes. Due to some factors, which I would not discuss in case the enemies try to repeat one such ops again, we did confirm that the target we found was the real one indeed. And we defended it successfully.

    But, since this is an off plan guide, I have to let you know on how to work around the timed scouts. The answer is Tournament Square switch. You should not launch with the same tournament square level as then your launch time becomes predictable. Keeping your TS at level 17/18 is a good practice based on your off attack styles and then lowering/increasing to be as random as possible. Give the enemies DC as few clues as possible.

    11. Boots play

    Sadly, this strategy can no more be possible but I will still write here to give you a perspective. Before the tournament square buff, it was possible for to send the troops with the hero boots of 50% army speed, by dropping the TS by 5 levels. What you would do was that you would drop 5 levels of TS, to send your real attack, while gold 5 levels up for the fake attacks. That way, it looks like all your attacks are fake since none of the attacks is travelling with a faster speed. However, now the tournament increment speed is 20% per level, so the 50% effect cannot be replicated. Still I am putting it out there since it was something interesting.

    12. Stealing Eyes 101(or arties with eyes protection)

    I did mention one method at point 3, this is a second one. A fairly common one too that works great once a while. Basically, you attack without your hero and clear the entire defense. And then you insert a quick hero (ideally gaul) on the top of the attack to pick up the arti.

    How to counter: every attack against an eyes arti should be inserted on top. For example, an attack is coming at 7:02:03; you insert 300 praets on top of this to land exactly at 7:02:03. If the enemies now insert a hero on top, they will land after your praetorians and his hero will die.

    13. Stealing Eyes 201

    Unfortunately over the time Travian has removed a lot of valid strategies. To remove the spiking, Travian introduced the “no non-ally res/troop reinforcement” rule, which killed a lot of strategies. Earlier we could have chiefed a natar village next to an enemy while resources were travelling there. We could push that acc by 3-4mill resources while the chiefs were on the move, and over few minutes have a village next to a large arti holder with treasury 20. Meanwhile, there is another fake looking attack that chiefs/catapults that large arti village. From close by, you would add your hero on top of the wave and pick that arti up.

    Now, however, to pull something like this off, you have to chief a real inactive player. And then you should push that player after you chief it to raise a treasury 20. Basically, it can no more be done in a span of few mins and rather it requires hours. So, if something comes to your mind where you could utilize something like this, you could remember this too.

    14. Stealing eyes protected large arties

    Since I am gathering some tips and tricks, I should again mention another fairly common one. The large artifacts that switch hands between allies through chiefing is often left at zero loyalty. Therefore, if you send a small attack equipped with 3 chiefs against a large arti, and make sure the enemies know that your hero is not included in the attack, then there is a good chance that your enemy would let your wave through and you will end up chiefing that village. If your player is also equipped with a large confusion or a unique confusion, he could build a residence at the village and that would give you a window during which you could move this arti out.

    It is great if you would have someone ready to quickly go and pick up this chiefed arti before the enemies manage to destroy the treasury or residence to get it back from you.

    15. Enemies’ got a life too, sometimes they don’t follow you

    Don’t get carried away too much basically. You should realize that sometimes the enemies do not overanalyze the attacks. Sometimes they’re busy, and they do not check what ruse you are trying to build. So they only defend the important targets. You might then mistakenly assume that they are always like this, and make a huge mistake the very next ops.

    At other times your plan works out, and you think the enemies now know about it. So you give it a twist for the next ops, and then realize that the enemies never knew about your plan and if you had just done it again, you would’ve successfully hit them. Basically, there are a lot of factors involved in the off planning. And you can never judge them all! So be cautious, and when possible confirm your suspicions. And here is a small tip for you. If you are chatty with enemies, you can glean information from them about the fact that they picked up on what you did or not (do not dirctly ask... they will say it themselves in words like "oh that was sneaky"). It is often great help to know that if you can repeat the same ops again or not.

    Conclusion… Go Psycho!

    So my dear OCs, this is a battle where the planner has to bring in the chaos. Do not stick to the trend, create trends and break trends. Be random, be erratic, be capricious – be everything that your enemies cannot prognosticate. When creating and breaking the trend becomes your trend, stick to the trend. Get inside the enemy minds who are trying to be inside yours and see how they will see you and do not be that. If enemies expect you somewhere, they will be prepared for you there. Do not go there. Manipulate them; get them to behave the way you want them to and do not behave the way they want you to. You do not have to win a game to have fun and toy with enemies. So whatever you have, use them for your fun.

    Enemies have spies at your side? Attack their smaller-player capitals, allies complained on how meaningless the ops was? Tell them next time you’d go bigger, hit the smaller players again. Allies again complained? Someone sowing the seeds of dissonance? Tell them ok and you will fix it next time, and hit smaller players again. Do not be a slave to manipulation. Develop a reputation where you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. Once the spies in the room stops taking your word; that is when you hit the big players. Be wary of forum manipulations, where enemies mock you for your meaningless attacks. You have hit a nerve there, keep it up. But that is not the façade you want, you tell them on forums “stop pressuring me, I have a plan”. And then you hit the smaller players again!

    First ops against an organized team? Target their leaders who want to appear team players by not giving def calls to themselves. Next ops, hit the rebuilt capitals again since that is where they do not expect you. Make sure that it does not appear like hitting a target means fewer possible targets for you to attack in next round. Hit them there again to know they are never safe anywhere. Enemies have lost a hammer? He just got a medal of valor from his alliance leader and is being urged to rebuild? It looks like your psycho mind has found a target, which will not be defended, to chief and destroy a potential hammer village before it was even made. Kill it. And then hit his two more villages so that he packs his imaginary medals and moves out of the server.

    Your ultimate aim is to be as erratic as possible by not sticking to any sort of trends. If you have paid the slightest bit of attention to this guide, you’d realize that you should think from the def coordinators perspective. Think clearly, what have they seen so far? Always analyze the attacks of your allies to see what the enemies have seen. Check the launches, the lands, the splats and everything. And consider what the enemy will expect next time, and DO NOT do it. Pay attention to the pressure the enemies think is on you from your allies too – that’s also a factor they would consider (when espionage chances are high). Once you get to a point where the enemy stops analyzing your attacks and defends only their main targets: that’s when you unleash your crazy mind; you play the psychological warfare. You break this behavior by attacking the unimportant players and then posting a defamatory message on forums filled with calumnies targeting their leaders, “Ops are so easy. Leaders and top players hog the entire defense!” You prepare a string of smaller unimportant player names and send them the link to the forums so that they can read it. You do not require a spy within enemies to create a dissonance... Get some players to delete by manipulating them through showing the reality to them on how secondary their importance is. Revive the old ways! Let the enemies to have to explain themselves to their members. That is how travian used to be! We had psychotic war and mental battles. I was appalled when I found out there is this new trending “unofficial” truce where players do not attack during the Christmas period… That is exactly when we used to attack and get attacked! And we had a name for it too, The Holidays Present. Revive the old days! This is a war game and if your enemies’ conscience does not get murky by using spies, yours should not either when you attack them while they are busy! So, go ahead and bring back the days when 20k population players would wake up to 1 remaining village. Those were the golden days of this game and I have provided you with all the knowledge you require to get there someday.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

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  • Great guide of course, and well-worded (actually entertaining to read).

    It might look like a lot to get through, but if you're starting up OCing, do yourself a favour and read it anyway. You can only perfect your OCing (well, impossible to perfect really, different styles, always something to learn/do/try) by trying it out in practice, but this will definitely get you a long way, and give you the right mindset.

  • Great guide of course, and well-worded (actually entertaining to read).

    It might look like a lot to get through, but if you're starting up OCing, do yourself a favour and read it anyway. You can only perfect your OCing (well, impossible to perfect really, different styles, always something to learn/do/try) by trying it out in practice, but this will definitely get you a long way, and give you the right mindset.

    Thanks man. The main aim is to enable the newer players to take a lead and commit much fewer mistakes on the way. You know, to avoid re-inventing the wheel xD I have never expected everyone to read this guide, but I do hope that those who want to OC would actually do

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro