Capital Village Expansion Slots

  • I am sure this must have been answered before, but I cannot find the answer.

    In Travian Legends, we have a capital (villa with Palace) with 3 expansion slots, and regular villages (Residence) with 2 expansion slots.

    If I have a capital with all 3 slots occupied (3 villas settled), and then I destroy the palace and make another villa a capital, what happens?

    Do I lose the 3rd villa settled/chiefed by the original capital? Or do I no longer have 3 slots in new capital? Or something else?

  • In cap village you can make fields level 10+ which boosts your production to max lvl 20/21 fields....

    you can destroy palace at any time and rebuild in any village you want for the 3 expansions to be able to use them again

    only if you choose to switch capital again, you will lose all fields above lvl 10 you built in former cap village

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  • You can keep making as many palaces as you want, and nothing happens to the settlements you make after you take down the palace in a town.

    What some people do is to build a palace and make 3 chiefs. Then break it down and make another palace in another town and make 3 chiefs here also, and so you can continue, but it's a litlle time consuming.

    But then you have a main hammer with 3 chiefs, and then you can follow that hammer with the 3 chiefs you build in another town, which then ends up conquering the town.
    Then you can re-chief it with a lonely chief made with a regular residence in another town. and then you can re-build your chief in the town that still has the palace in it.

    By doing this you can easily send 6 chiefs with just 2 waves that you time together. (just don't lose the chiefs from the first hammer that you made 3 chiefs in, then you need to rebuild the palace there to remake 3 chiefs, it can be tedious, and a good way to avoid this so to have your chiefs follow your hammer in a second wave together with the cata pults, and just have 1 cata with the actual hammer so the timings match together when you send your waves)