First WW Villa Captured on America/ Server Map

  • Today marks day 15 of the crazy x10 server we have all lost sleep over, Hannibal Barca has once again conquered the first WW on the server after the actual first WW was taken from Fools due to a TG glitch

    Leading up to the capture of the WW it appears our friends at PN were also attempting to clear the artifact so thank you for the additional help!

    Natars put up a hefty fight this server with over 1 million defense spawning at the WW at the time of clear.

    If you take a look at a map of the server which i have provided below you will see that there are a lot of large alliances at player here and it truly is anybodies game. I would expect all of the WW villages to be captured with the # of alliances on this server and I expect a fight for construction plans to ensue. Only time will tell if RHS will be able to maintain their headstart on infrastructure and successfully complete their WW before the rest of the server.

    Any other predictions?

    Map of top 20 alliance wings…

    For those unaware RHS is a dual quadrant meta from the NE and the SW consisting of Rome Hannibal and Simpsons, it'll be interesting to see if the geographical challenges allow enemies to gain an advantage.

    Are you currently playing on the server?

    If so chime in with some predictions or thoughts :)