New Report Filters

  • Hey - I'd love to see a feature in the Reports section where you can add even more filters to the reports (existing filters are already great, but the more the merrier I say). I'm sure this has been brought up before but I've included some suggestions below.

    A few that I think would be useful:

    - filter to attacks vs raids (this is what motivated this post)

    - filter based on troops involved in the attack (similar to dominant resource option for merchant reports) and/or filter to attacks with more than X troops involved (like in alliance reports)

    - filter to read/unread reports only

    - categories for surrounding reports?

    - filter by which village the report pertains to

    Edited to include a great suggestion from below

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  • This is a good idea, for any players who are big raiders it can often be difficult to find attack reports.

    I was about to create a thread with a a suggestion similar to this one, so I will just add it to this thread. Having the option to filter out attacks and raids in the rally point overview would be very useful. If I send my cats to someone while I am still raiding I have to sift through thousands of out going raids to try and find when my catapults are going to land.

  • Came here for a similar suggestion - Filter by your villages.

    If I have 3 villages farming 100 players each, but I am looking out for a specific attack from a 4th village, this can be a nightmare.