Story of Com2 Round 2019/2020

  • The WW race has officially started in com2 by now.

    I do not even know whether it is still consider as WW race since the two alliances building WW have gone into confederacy.

    Anyway, I just want to recap what happened in this server and I will try to be as objective as possible.

    Early game

    The server looked very promising from the start, with Gunners (com2 winners of 2017/2018) in NE, GoW (com2 winners of 2018/2019) in NW, TEN (previous com7 and com1 winners) in SE, MMC (a small group of players from Proton, com6 winners of 2018/2019) in SW and REVs (combination of previous com2 players and com5 players) in SW.

    Not forgetting the "almighty" FIRE clan led by saxmanwilly that got crushed less than one month into the server.

    Of course, there were some alliances that tried to oppose the giants in the server. The two most notably alliances were Addicts in NW and NE Army in NE.

    Coincidentally, both of these alliances were mainly Iranian players and they did some damages to GoW and Gunners in their respective quad.

    Then, the protest in Iran had led to internet shutdown in Iran for two weeks. During this time, Gunners had actively killed the hammers of NE Army and GoW had actively recruited remaining members from Addicts.

    When the internet in Iran was up and running, both NE Army and Addicts were no longer a threat in their quad.

    TEN was the first alliance to secure their quad, with the formation of TEN Y, TEN X and TEN Z. There were some skirmishes in SE quad, but the damages done were really negligible.

    SW had the most interesting early game in my opinion, with REVs and MMC got into early inter quad war to exert dominance in the quad.

    REVs took a more offensive approach with early building of armies and catapults. MMC opted for the simming route to build up capitals and resources.

    The damages done on MMC capitals were huge. In case the inter quad war drags any longer, it will hurt MMC players in the long run.

    Hence, MMC decided to join REVs and renamed to REVs@.

    1st cross quad war: GoW vs Gunners

    The first cross quad war happened around day 70 of the server.

    GoW, known for their aggressiveness, had launched an OP against Gunners. Gunners was not prepared for this and GoW had a successful first OP.

    However, Gunners quickly adjusted themselves and managed to wall some hammers in the subsequent OPs by GoW.

    After that, Gunners had launched retaliation OPs against GoW and managed to take down some capitals.

    Both sides showed great coordination in offense and defense.

    More than 10 capitals got croplocked and more than 10 hammer were splatted during this war.

    This war lasted about 3 weeks. During this time, there were few OPs between TEN and REVs.

    "Luga club" was formed during this time, where Luga was the first player who splatted his hammer in a cross quad war.

    The Capn

    Then came the time to capture artifacts.

    The Capn, a plant from GoW in Gunners, captured UE and joined GoW immediately.

    Gunners was shocked about this as they did not suspect The Capn was a plant all along.

    By the end of the day, GoW had UT, UC and UE. REVs had UD. TEN had UA and UB. Gunners managed to get UF.

    Due to this, every players in the server had set their target on GoW.

    The fall of REVs

    Less than one week after artifacts released, TEN launched a fake OP on REVs to test their defense pattern and coordination.

    REVs, in general, did not do well in the defense coordination with very few players responded to the defense call.

    Previous MMC leaders, which most of them are close to SE border, got into talk with TEN leadership and decided to join TEN for a winning chance in this server.

    In this process, billybignob, the UD holder, joined TEN.

    REVs leadership were angry with the betrayal of MMC players. Hence, they got into talk with GoW leadership and decided to join under the banner of GoW.

    Due to this betrayal, many REVs players had rage quit the server.

    Suddenly, the server balance had shifted towards TEN, with them holding the two holy grail of end game, UD and UA.

    To be continued...... (In case there is anything that you disagree or I have written wrongly, please do voice out. I will edit the post.)