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  • No matter how this server finishes, this hammer is one for the books,

    My submission for the largest non troop merging Hun Hammer


    Hannibal will be joining COMX in June and recruiting ahead of time! If you are interested in playing with the best ;) Shoot me a PM!

    80 Million Troops Killed

    600+ Hammers

    This x10 was the most fun I never want to have again, really felt like old travian with the amount of strategy, politics and hammers flying around.

    Till the end,


  • Sooooooo...

    I've already talked to you guys, Simcity players. Do you need the plan to be able to up a WW, okay?


    Karma is complicated. Don't say I didn't warn you hahaha

    A looooooot of points and no WW. =/

    Thats sad.

  • Apparently our friend can not see, we still have plans!

    I would love to know which alliance you came from? One of the three we stole plans from?

    The one who lied to get a plan back and broke promises on ramadan?

    The one who lost their plans that had 200k defense?

    Or the one who we chiefed the village and took the plans with it?

    Would be interesting to see but im about 99% sure you are one of them.

  • You got a plan, but not a 5x. Sad =/

    What happened to this guy?

    [RHS-Hann] That Guy da aldeia [?]


    my alliance is the one that will win the server, without having tried to take the fun out of the game.

  • Hey danews,

    Nothing you say matters, unless you show who you were in game!

    You “won” what are you ashamed off? 😂

    could it be that you are ashamed of your “victory” because you won by default? LOL

    yes, biggest teams teamed at server beginning. As it happens in life, best Deserve the best! Whole server it was shown!

    At the end, because you all were scared and all of you attacked only RHS! 😂

    ( but that’s like oxymoron, you say pop doesn’t matter and hate that top teams teamed up? Hmmm delusional? )

    we are the only ones who attacked everyone and fought with everyone!

    It wasn’t enough, and it’s totally fine :) my life is not gonna change because of this.

    You seem like you have won a million dollar 😂 you know how that happens?? By chance 😂😂

    Enjoy it, but don’t rub it! You didn’t win it to brag about it! You got there by DEFAULT! Because whole server attacked only 1 team.

    that’s 3 villas lol ( WW, UA, Plans ) and against whole server it’s not easy :)

    this game was too fast, but if it was 3 months long, ALL of you would have been wiped out before end game! BELIEVE THAT!

    Fools | Aza

    p.S. again, until you say who you are in game, whatever you say is just equal to bs!

    s9- ONE('09) | s5- MAD('10) | ts10- Ultima('10) | ts6- PPGoDz('13) | ts1- GOATS('14) | ts5- WILD('14) | ts2.us- H&S('15) | ts1- SGR('15) | ts4- Ruthless('15) | ts2- CWL('16) | tx10- RHS-Hannibal(‘20)

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  • also, whole server was gonna be happy as long as RHS didn’t win!

    And I actually was quite happy that LT “won”, because they just won by default, no team beat us to win, everybody just Targeted us, and we stood all the way till 98 with 99 qued!

    So say what you say, but RHS did great and stood up to its opponents greatly!

    If one ally was strong enough and brave enough to go for the win it was RHS! All of you rest just played not to let RHS win :)

    PLease name things as they are!


    They have no honor! They lied to us! They kissed everyone’s behind just to have their name up there. In the end it didn’t really happen !

    AYI - are you still proud of yourself? Lie and get CPlan , but have no benefit and become biggest loser ? LOL

    Our one player Zzz almost by himself fought your whole alliance!!

    OTTOMANS respect your heritage and have some honor! Don’t kiss everyone’s behind jus to have your name there! Fight like a real worrier!

    s9- ONE('09) | s5- MAD('10) | ts10- Ultima('10) | ts6- PPGoDz('13) | ts1- GOATS('14) | ts5- WILD('14) | ts2.us- H&S('15) | ts1- SGR('15) | ts4- Ruthless('15) | ts2- CWL('16) | tx10- RHS-Hannibal(‘20)

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  • Hi there,

    First of all, I hope all of you and your loved ones are and will remain healthy.

    Then, I want to say congratulations to every single player of this x10. I think we all share the same opinion : this one was really worth playing, with a lot of players, a lot of action. I think every players missed that kind of server a lot! Now we had this one, we all need this kind of action during the future servers. I will never accept to play again on a server with like 100 active players and natars as only ennemies :D

    Big shoot out to every INFAMOUS coalition players. Almost 90% of the coalition was built during the server, with people from all around the world, with very different levels, but at the end such a big family. Many of us came in there without any real goal, but at the end everybody was so involved, THANK YOU for that !

    Concerning INFAMOUS, I hope everybody learnt some more about the game during this server. It was such a pleasure to help leading the team.

    And also, big, big shoot out to the others leaders of the coalition, to my mates from WW holding team and to our building plan holder <3..... We are now allowed to sleep for the next 48hours :D

    I hope to play with or versus anybody from this x10 again on a future server !! Feel free to message me for that.

    Finaly, I'm not a good video maker so I just saved all the reports from INFAMOUS WW and building plans, I'll try to find something to share it all easily :D



  • Hahaha, so you are the Fool who attacked with the front after 3 attacks. Damn, your team really dont deserve to win.

    About OTTOMAN, i still dont care about that players, we are not in the same league.

    Don't come here to belittle anyone's victory, your team full of cowards tried to take the fun out of the game and stayed there at lvl 59.

    Your guys acted stupidly, and suffered the consequences of that. Its simple. Tried to facilitate the victory, thinking that the union would do it for you, this is TRAVIAN my friend. All that points for nothing.

    now you can cry and learn your lesson for the next server. Cya.

  • hahaha, who is belittling who here? I’ve never seen someone win and come to forums to laugh at opponent. You are very low! I won’t spend much time on you after this answer :)

    1) yes that was me who sent the rammer late! It doesn’t mean I don’t know the game it means I made a human mistake! It happens to all of us! But guess what, that mistake didn’t cost us much anyways, however I guarantee you that YOUR human mistake is gonna cost you a lot! Just remember me when that happens :)

    2) again, who did you attack? And who attacked you? LoooL NOONE! And All I’m saying is you “won” by DEFAULT 😂 this is a fact you or anyone else just can NOT deny!!! And you gotta live with it, not me 😂😂😂

    3) and yes in life everyone always can do better and should do better, you should try that by the way, and yes we could have planned things much much better. But guess what, maybe you dedicated much more time than us, but we were here just for fun! Even than we managed better hammers on this server, better defense! Isn’t this the reason you are hating?? Even after default Victory LOL

    Again, EVERYONE attacked us, and it’s totally fine! It is what it is. BUT you didn’t attack anyone and no one attacked you! Do not forget that!!

    p.s about ottomans, I don’t think you should speak unless you are part of them!

    P.p.S aaaaaand again, unless you say who you are in game everything you saying is just trolling!

    Come on now :) don’t hide! after all aren’t you the best out of the best? LOOOOL

    Btw, Here is another fact ,

    We didn’t want Infamous or Union to win! Whole server didn’t want us to win! Where does LT fit in!?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the after thoughts walked in to glory hahahahah

    s9- ONE('09) | s5- MAD('10) | ts10- Ultima('10) | ts6- PPGoDz('13) | ts1- GOATS('14) | ts5- WILD('14) | ts2.us- H&S('15) | ts1- SGR('15) | ts4- Ruthless('15) | ts2- CWL('16) | tx10- RHS-Hannibal(‘20)

  • I saw nothing wrong with the name. and NO ONE sent a message saying why it was changed

    Just because you do not see anything wrong with the name does not mean there isn't an issue. The servers are international servers and it could have been offensive in a number of other languages. Without knowing what the name was, I can not help you there.

    And there is no requirement for them to notify you as to why it was changed. We used to try to notify players as to why as a courtsy but it didn't always happen. The best thing to do is to send in a message to Support asking why and they will be able to hopefully get an answer why or explain it to you.

    Added - I spoke to a CSR and was told the edited name of the village is the message now.

  • It seems like our friends have forgotten that politics is a part of the Travian game. Leveraging every ounce of resource on hand and predicting the actions of other players are solid parts of the game. If you cannot take this part, you are nowhere close to a good player. Whining about every player on the server attacking won't change anything. The bravery is appreciated but if it does not achieve anything, I would call it stupidity. As a member of Marx and one of the core planning team, we spent hours discussing possible actions of other players, went through battle simulations to back calculate the defense force in WWs and plan villages, went through all hammers available at end game went through spreadsheets to find out the best strategy and calculate the exact delay caused by each of our plans. Sure we may not have the biggest troops, but this is exactly what made the whole game challenging and fun. We made up the difference with our brains. Winning by default? I don't think so.

  • Hmm, ok

    so ... you all sat there with your big brains calculating, with no army, while everyone hit us and nobody hit you and we hit other two so you waltz in to default victory!

    Sorcery type of calculations there my friend! Kudos for that though! =)

    P.S. if you read the whole thread, your guy was acting disgracefully. I merely asked him to tone it down! Just enjoy your win my guy!

    s9- ONE('09) | s5- MAD('10) | ts10- Ultima('10) | ts6- PPGoDz('13) | ts1- GOATS('14) | ts5- WILD('14) | ts2.us- H&S('15) | ts1- SGR('15) | ts4- Ruthless('15) | ts2- CWL('16) | tx10- RHS-Hannibal(‘20)