The Book of Wisdom - Episode 4 – Reading Between the Lines

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    "It's just an old book! A rather weird one, since there's no name on its cover... All I had to do was let him into the library. He then searched for the book on one of the shelves, took it and left the room through the door I showed him! I was telling the truth the whole time. Well… almost…"

    "Then why did you cause all that chaos?" the old guard asked gloomily. Quintus Maximus was angry at himself. It was now obvious that the thief was a master of his job and easily twisted both the guard and the librarian round his little finger. Yes, they arrested the thief's accomplice, but after a few hours of talking it was absolutely clear that the librarian didn't know anything. Not even what book was stolen. They spent hours searching through the library catalog only to find out that there was not a single note about it. The book seemed to be priceless and cost nothing at the same time.

    "The thief told me to do it. The guy offered me 500 gold coins for it... Now I know he never had any intention to pay me. I am such a fool!" the librarian pulled at his hair in despair.

    Quintus Maximus chortled. He couldn't admit even to himself that the mystery of this book also caught his attention and distracted him from being envious of his former brothers, the soldiers. Now, when the news about fierce, ultra-fast battles involving five tribes reached the capital, he was even more upset about not taking part in the campaign. The fight for the Wonders of the World raged on at an unprecedented scale, at ten times the speed. Stories about enormous armies that could alone devastate entire villages in a flash fired his imagination. Nevertheless, he forced himself to return to the theft.

    Why did the thief need this particular book? What was in it? How come the book appeared out of nowhere and no one ever read it?

    "You should've told me the whole story long before and not have wasted my time." Quintus Maximus finally said with his low voice. "How can we even search for something that we know nothing about? And of course, I assume that you never saw the thief's face, nor do you know where he came from?"

    "Nothing," sighed the librarian. "Yet, I might have a crazy idea! When I was a child, I used to open books on a random page and make some sense out of the first line I see. If it works, will you let me go and you won't tell anyone what I did?" He searched the guard's face for a sign of mercy. "I promise I'll do everything to put right my wrongs."

    "You really believe that might work? That is indeed a crazy idea… However, a drowning man tends to clutch even at a straw… And it seems we're both drowning. So, why not?" The old guard gave the librarian another stern look. The librarian almost fainted again. "Let's test your idea!"

    Task: To Quintus Maximus' huge surprise, the lines they read indeed made some sense. Here are the lines they read in the books:

    …coordinates X = Y...

    …lumber that was needed for the first level of the Stonemason's Lodge…

    …add the Clubswinger's defense against infantry…

    …subtract the attack strength of rams of the three old tribes put together...

    …This will give you the hint about the book's origins.

    According to those hints, what is the book's origins?

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    27.04.2020 - 09:00 UTC+1

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    04.05.2020 – 09:00 UTC+1

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  • …lumber that was needed for the first level of the Stonemason's Lodge (155)

    …add the Clubswinger's defense against infantry… (+ 20)

    …subtract the attack strength of rams of the three old tribes put together... (- (50+60+65)

    = 0

    So, …coordinates X = Y... 0|0 ---> Natars' Village

    Answer: The book's origins from Natars' Village ( coordinates 0|0)

    [HIDE][MARQUEE]Ở đời chả tin được thằng nào :S[/MARQUEE][/HIDE]

  • The book originated from the Natar's capital village (0|0) at the tops of volcano in the grey zone which is the centre of the Travian world. The capital is surrounded by another five natar's stronghold villages which hold the World Wonder. and there's Multihunter's village right next to it (pretty suspicious to me...)