Stories of a comx3.

  • This is the story of a guy who, due to quarantine, came to spend some of his free time on a server he did not play for a long time.

    As I had no expectations, I made a small account without gold, just to watch the server, but seeing so many known nicknames from the finals, I even thought that the server might have some interest.

    Well, this story, my story ,starts practically from the second to the third week of the game, where when an ally panicked with attacks that he was being targeted.

    Seeing the attacks ,the waves and knowing that on the other side was an alliance that had already shown here or there, which was minimally organized, I could make some inserts ending the offensive of 20 attacks +, with only one warehouse destroyed, and with +700 catapults caught by the second.(reports are some where in this forum...)

    From that time until yesterday, I played my game calmly, conquering native and inactive villages that I had around and with the time that was less and less due to other servers and also to other personal projects.

    I conquered this village here and being where I was, I knew that more and less would end up losing it.

    I still tried to make a few troops so that I could at least give the village whit some struggle.

    It was possible to make 2.5k of imperians and 300 catapults that ended up breaking the cereal fields of the next village and some other buildings broken inside, before losing it.

    It was a long afternoon where the adversary was always close to getting it until the time I ended up giving it up as I no longer justified spending more time in a village that was half broken and with the 2 slots already taken.

    You can find this village history below:

    Cream Caramel

    They finally made it to the village after more than 10 hours of fighting for it.

    All of this aggressiveness was supposedly started because the night before I conquered a village from a member of this alliance, although I continue to think that it was just an excuse used by them.

    Let's talk a little bit about this village.

    A few days before my neighbor came to talk to me asking if I wanted to conquer his villages because he was going to leave the game. As I was playing without any gold in the account I told him to delete the account and I would conquer the natar that was left over. As the time was short on the day he was expelled from the alliance, I only managed to come to the game during the night and when I open the map I see a Turkish village leaning against my capital.

    Knowing that this village would be defended, I waited 2 days to be able to attack. I let the adversary gain confidence, without spying, and hoping that after those 2 days he would no longer have the troops.


    Being that they were having so much difficulty in conquering the village, they got more and more frustrated and that sometimes leads to playing without thinking. With some igm that I sent even worse were.

    So this time it was me o get close.Close to catch some troops in a village where i had a small armie of 4k imperians 1k imperatoris and 500 catapults...

    38k clubswinger damaged and other whit 20k imperians no damaged.


    He try again lather and again almost catch him:

    Kush 2 + some waves that have left the village broken but not zeroed and so i had the chance to make some mooves by old school way.(2 tired to make excel doc..)

    Jack Herer

    Kush 3

    I keep doing my job...

    One last attempt to catch the troops on their return. Here again almost ...


    It was a fun 24 hours, where my villages were permanently like this:

    But as life is not just made up of almost, and leaving the best for last. This one did...

    50k clubswinger + 4k clubswnger+ 21k clubswingers.

    All his of´s crashed.

    Jack Herer wall + 10 waves 200 catapults no damage

    It was quite fun. It was a long time since a server other than the finals took me a few hours of sleep.

    So I thank both the allies who were tireless in the movement of the troops, as well as the opponents for having made it at least worth registering on a server that doesn't even have much interest.

    As for me, here I will continue, slowly and sadly to write my possible short story on this server.

    Hope you all have fun