💬 Travian: Legends Official Discord - Opening NOW

  • Dear players,

    We have some exciting news for you! As we mentioned in the last episode of #Ask Travian 2019, we are now ready to open the doors of the Official Discord Server for Travian: Legends.

    Starting from NOW on, you can join the server ➡️ here.

    We know many of you already use discord for your alliance for example, and there are quite a number of unofficial discord servers.

    Our aim is not to replace these discord servers, but to have a place where it will be easier both for you and us to gather together and have a more direct relationship, and maybe, also meet new people.

    📌 How is the Travian: Legends discord server organized?

    For the start we have decided not to have too many channels, in order to provide an easy to understand setup, also for those people that are not used to using the platform.

    Here is what you are going to see when you join:

    • #arriving - This is the first channel where you end up when joining our Discord server, and the place where everything starts!
    • #guidelines - A read-only channel that lists our server Guidelines, so if you have a doubt, you can always double-check.
    • #announcements - A read-only channel that will push out any Travian: Legends news and updates for easy convenience in one spot.
    • #discussions - This is the center of the village, all the exciting discussions about the game happen here.
    • #players-help-players - If you have questions or are looking for help, you can give a shout and other players or our moderators will help you.
    • #game-suggestions - Do you have a cool idea for the game? Do you have a pain point that you would like to address? Here is the right place to do so.
    • #off-topic - Do you want to talk about music? Share a cat video or gif? Talk about the latest Marvel movie? There you go, here we talk only about topics that are not related to Travian: Legends.
    • #discord-stats - You can find the statistics about our discord server here.
    • #voice channel - A voice channel which can be used for events, presentations and chit-chat.

    This is a completely new field also for us, so please be patient. We really hope that you enjoy the new possibility in a mature and responsible way.

    See you there,

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • 📌 What about the guidelines? What is the behavior to follow on discord?

    On the discord server the official Discord Community Guidelines apply. And to make it a pleasant experience for everybody, we also ask you to follow to a few rules:

    1. Be polite to each other - Attacks are reserved for the battlefield, and the battlefield only. Threats, hate speech, belittlement and similar behavior has no place in this game and its community!
    2. Be nice - Avoid being offensive in name as well as comments.
    3. Be part of the conversation - Spam and going off topic is making it hard to follow a discussion.
    4. Consider what you post - Make sure not to advertise, share private information or post any harmful content.
    5. Trolls are not welcome - If you are here to troll or flame discussions, please don't take your sandals off yet.
    6. Be yourself and stay safe - Team members will always be marked as Travian Team in Discord and will never ask you for your password! Keep important information like your real full name, e-mail address and password behind some level 20 walls at all times.
    7. Find the right place to post - Our channel descriptions will usually tell you where a topic will fit best. You can always approach us if you see the need to have an additional channel. We will grow with you and will do our best to make this a welcoming home for our community.
    8. Private stays Private - Private messages within the game of Discord may only be published with the consent of both parties.

    The Moderators in our Discord are your first point of contact to assist you with questions, day-to-day business and are there to moderate. They are the team that will make sure the users on the server follow the guidelines. In case of any situations that may happen with another user please contact them to resolve it via a private chat.

    If you really cannot get along with someone, we highly suggest you to use the BLOCK feature from Discord itself, that will no longer show you their messages.

    📌 And here some answers to the general questions you may have:

    • Are you accepting any applications for Discord Moderators?
      Not at this time, but we will consider this after the first evaluation of the discord server (within the next 6 months)
    • Why are there no channels for specific languages/domains?
      As mentioned, we are still in the evaluation phase and we want to start by supporting only English at the beginning. Depending on the evolution of the server, we can evaluate language specific channels in the future.
    • Why is there no #bug-report channel?
      When reporting a bug, our team often needs to take a look at the data of your account in order to understand the problem. We don’t have this direct access available on Discord and want to ask you to report bugs via in-game Support directly.
    • Why are there so few channels?
      For the start of this Discord server we want to keep it small and simple so we can see how things are working and learn how to manage it in the best way. We will evaluate the server after 3 months and see if there is a need for certain channels to add.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.