The best defensive guide: nature !!!

  • Here I have seen many guides on how to defend or attack, others that if an economy with farms at level 14 and then pretos and thus 20 more nonsense, I do not intend to find the definitive guide but in my opinion the best option for defense is nature troops, you acquire cages and with some 80-150 nature units (tigers, bears, crocodiles or wolves) they are enough to sweep away any attack while you do not spend in troops and you develop quietly without spending on defensive units that you have to send far to prevent any attack on your village from destroying them, I have been playing travian for a long time and it has always given me good results; There are many around here who boast of good strategists or attackers or defenders but the facts are those that speak so if they think that I am wrong they can well prove the contrary by taking a tour of my villa 01-ZOO !! at 01-ZOO !! = NATURE, do you get it? ;-p hehehehe.

  • If you have a river of cash to spend buying cages, yes, you're right. However, imagine the case that you are in a art rotation and you have to let a friend conquer that art: you'll have to free all your animals and buy another cages in order to rebuild your "army".

    A defensor is intended to provide troops for your friends, not to defend himself...

  • To all! Yes, it is expensive but the defense is good, it is an excellent option for those who can spend gold. In previous servers there were some that have lost enough units, some of them are in an elite alliance in this ts4 such as TDE, RAR and AA or AAA I do not remember well. In essence spend in cages, develop economically, save units and clean oases to annex them in the future.

  • this is the worst advice I have ever waste gold on cages, just to trap animals that you can't use.

    The gold would be better spent on ointments and/or a bucket or 3, so you can heal your hero when you send him to KILL animals for exp points.

  • Kraven clearly your inexperienced and need to be thought how to play the game then.

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