Discussion and Diplomacy

  • I predict some people will join together in groups of up to 60 players. I propose we call these amalgamations "Alliances". Furthermore I predict some of these groups will form mutually supportive relationships with other groups. I think "Confederacies" would be an ideal name for these groups of "Alliances". In addition to these, I would imagine that another logical permutation would be the rise of official agreements between "Alliances" or between "Confederacies" to avoid conflict with each other. I put forth for consideration the term "Non-Aggression Pacts" for this type of relationship. We shall call then "NAPs" for short because "Non-Aggression Pact" takes to long to say and because like a sleeping nap they are boring. There also exists the possibility that many players will engage in limited or no interactions with others. Last but not least we have the possibilities of hostilities breaking out between players and/or groups of players. This violence will be loudy denounced by the majority of players and those parties responsible for the violence will be shamed into reforming their ways and compelled to complete a specified amount of community service hours hand washing wildlife in the many oasis across the map.

    Once these brutish miscreants have learned the error of their ways everyone will play the game as intended and peacefully fill their villages with crannies while avoiding the creation of any wheat fields (for environmental reasons) and will designate all 9c and 15c tiles as National Parks and thus off limits for development. Once the map (minus the 9c, 15c, and wilderness/oasis areas) is covered in fully crannied villages of peace all players will joyfully celebrate, reinforce the village at 0/0 with 4 scouts each (built from their crannies of course) and then the entire server will gracefully mass delete timing it to complete at exactly 3:02:27 pm.

    I believe we have now covered in detail all the things we possibly could in regards to discussing the ways that different players will come together on this server.

    I wish I had a copy of an old thread from the old Travian forums called: Diary of a M.O.R.O.N written by Marmotman. Best. Travian. Story. Ever.

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