People joining late have little to dominate

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  • If someone join day 1, he will have more resources, more troops. But people joining later, have very little, they have to work really hard to match it with others.

    People also kind of wait for new person to end the protection and can send troops to kill all troops to start farming.

    People joining late, should get some more push, maybe resources and troops, maybe more options of villages etc. So that they match mid of the people on server.

  • What is reason of -ve?

    As a farmer it is a bad move, but it implies that late joiners have to play safe for a lot longer time and people joined earlier have very huge advantage.

    Don't we think so?

  • If you join a server earlier you'll closer to Grey Zone and if you join latter you'll farther from Grey Zone. So, your neighbors are having the same disadvantage. Also, why would you join late?

  • I agree...I joined a victoria server on 11 day. I am quite ahead of players joined at maybe 7 day. But people who joined on day 1, they had a lot of time.

    It is not always that you will be very far from such a player who joined earlier. As some may have villages quite close to you. As days progress, we tend to farm till deep. So, for the people who joined later, they have only choice to keep defending.

    If we do not have any benefit of joining late, probably server should not allow that.

    Please let me know what is the benefit of allowing someone to join late who cannot do much?

    Maybe, I need to learn a lot. And maybe it may be server specific as it is 2X and have good resources in beginning to build troops.

    Either a player should not be allowed to join late or should be given some option to match the average active people.

    This can add further more interesting changes a raider have to see and a fair play for all.

  • well people who started at they first had 1) checking forum for new game world 2) wanted to start earliest 3) was intrested to play 4) wanted to have longer fun not like 50 days of fun blaming who started early..

    + if you do not spend more time than others you will always below the rest so it doesnt matter when u start much.. if u can adopt and give time u can make your base in most of time... btw people should go slow if they are late .. they get what suits them than far i know after limit is hit they dnt add players or in end game i think...