Farm list should be improved

  • We should be able to update multiple entries in one go.

    We should be able to copy one farmlist for one village to other.

    Should be like a spreadsheet and we can update it.

    It becomes very difficult, specially as natars grow, and we have to increase troops for each such village.

  • It for sure should be possible to move farmlists from town to town. it is a very tedious process that takes hours to complete. It makes it very hard, and discouraging to relocate which town should be main raid hammer.

  • For me they should add a button to send All farmlist, even if it take à minut, but when you have 20 farm list to send, it take too many time

  • Copying farm lists would be a great addition. I have raiding villages, and I have villages that support the raiders by sending rams and cats to control Natar growth. Being able to move an entire list from the raid village to the support village would be tremendously helpful.

    Also, there is a Select All button at the top of the farm list page. Why is there not a Begin Raid button at the page top as well? Have to scroll all the way to the page bottom to send troops from each list,

  • The farmlist is good as it is. Before the list it could take much more time to raid.

    Why make it even more easy to farm than it already are.

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  • Hi,

    The suggestion were forwarded, as we want to improve the farmlist and are currently looking at our options.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Add a filter so we can :

    select to send all

    Select to send only the ones that resulted in a green report

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  • Also, can we make use of AJAX requests instead of current post requests which reload whole page. I scrolled down to a farm list, I have to again wait for page to come back there. we can easily make an AJAX call which can run in background.

  • 1.Option to select multiple farms and delete them at once should be implemented. (Which will enable us to delete multiple yellows/red farms at once instead of deleting them 1 by 1)

    2. Farmlist should be expandable to 200-300 farms instead of 100 at present.

    3. Option to send all list at 1 go should be added.

  • I think that farmlist function should be able to make us edit all the lists at once ( example: I want to edit all of my list from 2 clubs -> 3 clubs , so I don't need to edit each list manually)

    and the other function is there should be a function that allow us to copy the existed list for the new village cuz I like to raid with many vills.

  • Another great functionality to have, is the ability to add farms even though the town that owns the farmlist is not selected, as well as the ability to remove it.

    Many times 1 person is on the account and moving around simming and so forth, and another player is adding farms from map or inactive lists but it gets blocked when the primary dual is not in the farming town, it's a little silly that you have to create farmlists for all towns to get around this issue just to be able to add farms.

    Sometimes you also want to remove a farm that has turned yellow or read, and you need to access the town it belongs to, to remove it, and then you annoy the duals.

    If you can make changes to optimise these workflow and behaviors, that would give some added value as well.

  • A "send all" for farm lists would be greatly useful. Optionally make the lists selectable and have a "send selected" button.
    Also an import/export farm list function between villages would be a great help.

    The game has many mechanics that require a lot of strategical thinking/planing. Click each list every 10 minutes is not one of them :)