Coming soon! New look for the tribe units

  • Dear players!

    In the upcoming weeks, we are going to replace the old graphics of the tribe units with updated ones. Here you can have a preview of how they will look like!


    I have always had a thing for teuton scouts and now I understand why!


    I liked the bird and the dog! And the chieftain's helmet is really nice!


    The imperian guy - he really looks cruel! I wouldn't want to get in his way!

    What do you think about the new looks of the units? Which one is your favourite and why?

    Your Travian: Team

  • the Only female character is ONE of the settlers.....

    Dear Travian,

    Roughly 50% of the world is female, I dare say half of the players are female, so why are female characters so under represented?


    one mystified fairy

  • How about balancing the units too?
    game would be much more refreshing if we had balance updates once in a while

    and I'm not talking about just soldiers, unique buildings as well

    or the fact that if 2 players with same level of experience and everything fight each other, the defender always have advantage over the attacker because they can stack all the troops from every village over to 1 village and defend it but the attacker can't send troops from more than 1. and I'm not talking about merging units system because that is broken (the rich always wins) but at least make a system where if 2 attacks lands the same sec they will have their off power combined or smth... it's like they were sent from 1 village

    they game is good and all but it needs balancing once in a while

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  • Because its a unit update... Please do let me know what % of warriors were female in the roman empire or gaul etc...

  • nice work, like fairy mentioned above if you could flip your graphics to female (Phalanx flips to girl version etc, hell it would be nice if you could choose individual units) and have some sort of amazon looking empire for all it would probably bring in another demographic which is actually playing but doesnt have the graphic options... just sayin

    I would like to see balance update, Gaul ram should probably look like teut and vice versa i reckon

  • irrelevant issue

  • Imperians are looking so sick! Nice, more reasons to play Romans instead of Teutons!

    Was there even a reason to play Teuts after the UI/Graphics update? I legit got cancer from looking at their buildings.

    The units on the other hand though, great job TG!

  • This would be true, if it was a 1v1 game and even then, you are assuming the attacker would only attack 1 village and defender put all of his troops into that village and that is not the case basically ever. If attacker fakes 10 of your villages, even if you building from 5 to his 1, you will struggle to defend.

    But this is a team game (even if you sign up alone, you still need an alliance). I think the balance right now is okay (at least in the 3 tribe servers, I cant speak for 5 tribe, since Ive never played em).

  • I cannot believe I agree with Fairyfluffernut (well, actually, I do).

    Please get rid of stirrups.

    The skinny Phalanx is definitely an improvement on the Phat Phalanx we have seen for years.

    Cheers !

  • nice design changes! but, I'd rather see frequent game play tweaks regarding to damages, objectives, etc like DOTA which will be able to bring new meta to the game. Playing the same thing over and over again is boring you know...

  • Nice wee Graphics update on the whole, though the Imperian is a bit ridiculous as Roman soldiers do not Dual-wield weapons. I get that you want him to look 'cooler' but I think a bit of historical accuracy would be better thanks. On the other hand the Swordsman looks grand, though I think one Battle Axe is enough for anyone for the Axemen!

    I'd agree no reason some of the Gaul characters couldn't be female (TT's, and Pathfinders in particular - even Chiefs)

    Nice to see updates, i think the graphics on the buildings pioneered in Annual specials are a vast improvement and make the game more enjoyable aesthetically.

    Of course what we would all like to see is some Unit/Building/tribe Stat/ability upgrades as mentioned so often since Huns and Egyptians arrived. Without getting into the same old conversations, Egyptian need 'watered' down (see what i did there?) and the Gauls are long overdue a bit of love (either TT/ Haeduan power/ faster Cats or a new bulding to boost Culture - or both).


  • You could also make different looks when troops are level 20, each level could look differently, level 20 would have golden gloves/helmets, swords or something like that :D

    Assuming the number of females is not relevant to the medieval wars. Their % of the army was mostly negligible. But we should mention their significant medical help :) , but there is no medical troop in the game yet.

  • Most of the weapons are pretty overdone. Way too large for any kind of historical accuracy and who wields two swords or axes if they actually belonged to those tribes? Giving a short sword to the EIs was cute, too. Makes it easy to reach those opponents from horseback!