What's the gossip?

  • After an 8 years absence from Travian I'm a late starter on COM4 and wonder what's happening on this server.

    Who are the good (and the bad) guys? Any pre arranged alliances on here? Any grudges?

    Come spill the beans and let me, and others, know what is going on.

    Thanks in advance!

  • What do you mean by good guys and bad guys?

    Ofc, we are good (Thinking) and all others are bad (Kidding) to us(Truth) :D

    As for pre-made, yes there are few batches of players here and there (correct me if I'm wrong).

    As for grudges, (tsk-tsk) something's going on between NGP and GD.

    And for the forums, they're as dull as ever X/

  • Anyone wants to share some gossip? I am noticing some alliance changes today. Whats going on? We folks are sitting in the background away from all the fun. So please enlighten us.

    Server: com4

    Account: greatestmj