Codex Victoria: Train, Kill, Rinse and Repeat - agressive strategy for offensive account.

  • We went on adventure out of .com homeland comfort zone. Can't say it all went as we wanted but I definitely learn something new. The below guide has developed from that experience. Thanks to our opponents who made us do it, even bigger thanks to all my companions and special mention to Ceaser for pushing this game style on our account.


    Server started on April 17th.

    The first hammer on May 1st.…dJgFAI27OlAug3L2EteYG9HIB

    Splat a few hours later.

    The second hammer on May 9th.…FMAEBrA2k0CEBRoSGsNTGAOg8

    Splat on May 10th. Note that we recovered near half of the losses, could’ve recovered all if we kept playing as the week before.…WtLcFG73ishAKBjhgrVNOQOkC

    This example is from 2x Codex Victoria server (multi tribes, merge with 50 gold daily limit, hospital, advanced start, variety of available artifacts). I will take last hammer as a base for my farther theoretical exercise but the calculation will be for 1x server, as this is what I normally play, with the same set up. Teutons hammer is the tribe for the first toy. The calculations are made for an account quite liberal with gold, should be adjusted significantly for lower gold usage but still doable on most part with high activity. Numbers are rounded.

    Train, Kill, Rinse, and Repeat – main strategy.

    First, how we would continue. What needs to be done? How to get resources for it I will describe later. Next action is scheduled 7 days from the splat.

    A hammer of 30K clubs, 3K TK, 800 rams splat. 600 catas are alive. Barracks, Stable, Workshop, and Hospital are level 20. Troops almost fully upgraded so this part will be ignored for now. Other villages all together can train at 2xBarracks/Stable level 20/18 (this is what can be merged with 50 gold a day, can adjust ratio).

    Hospital. 12K clubs and 1.2K TK ended up in waiting line. Hospital works at 2x speed of barracks and stable (all in one place) and does not take into account alliance bonus, helmets or artifacts. Death rate is 10% per day (continuously) for troops in waiting line. In 7 days 8K clubs (5 days) and 900 TKs (2 days) can be healed, which will cost total 3.4M resources or about 47K per hour for the first 3 days. Note that rest can be healed as well if you do it quick but will not be ready in 7 days. Another note – 47K is roughly the same number as original hammer consumption per hour.

    Now let’s look at other training facilities. With trainer artifact available, alliance bonus and helmets about 14K clubs, 3.4K TK, 1.2K rams and 400 catas can be trained in the hammer village which requires 72K resources per hour.

    Two other villages can train and merge 12K clubs and 2.5K TKs in 7 days which requires 41K resources per hour.

    Summing up, in 7 days 34K clubs, 6.8K TKs, 1.2K rams and 1K catas would be ready to roll again.

    Cost of exercise is 113K for training plus 47K on first 3 days for healing and 350 gold to merge plus 35 gold to use the artifact, assuming you activate it daily and this is not the only artifact used on the account. Some more gold will be needed to npc but this is nothing new.


    15C 100 Egyptians capital with l17 fields will provide 120K an hour, which is enough to train. With non-egyptians capital you will need level 18-19 fields even with higher oases. Feeding of the full army will be 70K which is 9 6C non-egyptians villages with modest 25% oasis, less villages if you have croppers for support, or better oases, or egyptians supports, or higher fields or oases for capital. Feeding before day7 will be much less so healing can be done from this source. When you reach required level of capital fields and number of villages, you can run such hammer with no raiding, but cannot develop farther. Before that stage raiding is required, 8K per hour for each missing support village. Stopping development is not an option for this type of servers as victory depends heavy on population.

    Standing defense is the must to prevent follow home. Remember – your opponents can have ghost very close, horses are superfast with boots and huns hero and they can recover just as fast as you are with hospitals and trainers, even defense next door might be too slow to move. This is more feeding expenses.

    50 daily gold for merge can be replaced with equivalent of 2M per day or 83K per hour raiding, which is a lot combined with feeding needs and continuous development, but doable at least partially on this type of server with all starting villages at l5.


    On regions map servers long range attacks are not very effective and 70K hammer is kinda small for that. Availability of arts (eyes, confusion and architect) and forwarding give defense advantage. If you play it properly running in neighborhood will become less interesting sooner rather than later in most cases. At some point you will need to start from scratch and set a hammer in new location.

    This task will require 2.5M resources minimum for first stage: storage, barracks, academy, stable, workshop, some crop fields and treasury l10 unless you can use large or unique artifact before you even start the training. Smithy and upgrades, and either residence l20 of CC l20 if you setting huns village (preferred) and chiefs, which is over 2M (reminder – all numbers are estimate). Great storage, if the art is available, is also highly desirable. In theory, well developed and heavy raiding account can pull it off in 3 days (100k resources in hour). In reality your merchants will fail to deliver that much (while I am on the subject, dear TG please make merchants faster. Thank you) to remote region. This can be compensated a little by merging some troops in the village and farming your own supports or farming in general, but only to a point. Plus defense and resources for training (as above minus hospital and merge as it will be done in main area) and feeding. All in all, this is alliance task and should be treated as such, amount of required support depends on how far is the location from you original cluster.

    After the village is set it is the same drill. Initial week of training in fully set huns village will end up with 8K bows, 4k steppes, 1.2K rams, 400 catas (or different proportion if you chose so) and require 59K hourly resources to train. Training mercs/marauders (11K/3K) hammer will need 72K per hour, less efficient for raiding and require more resources to feed but it will give you more off power and following home such hammer is costly. Second option would be my choice unless delivery of 13-20K extra resources per hour and better raiding is the deal breaker. You will not have healed troops and, if this is your only huns village, you will have nothing to merge (remember – we started with teuts, but it does not have to be this way). Having GB/GS is an option for such situation if you have plenty of resources somehow. If this is enough or not depends on how skilled and powerful is the opponent in the area.

    How to start

    If you chose this game style, you have several starting options.

    1. Start as egyptians, rush to decent cropper (100% is enough but more is better of course). You will need to chief a teuts or huns village. If there is any inactive near you capital – great (just make sure it is not spawn or you will have no available expansion slots). If not chief any and settle new one at the place you want, can zero chiefed one after.

    2. Start as hun (advantage is speed of hero and any horses for whole round), go for chiefs, chief inactive Egyptian and settle from it. Again, chiefed one can be zeroed. One of the features on regions map is that it opens in portions and most likely there will be a cropper just opened for settling when you ready for 5th.

    3. Start as hun and settle cropper as a hun. If it is a good cropper and you raid, use gold easy and can up fields high, that can be your permanent capital, if not so lucky, you can up fields to l12 (15C will pay off in 9 days with 50% oasis), use it for the start, meanwhile chief egyptians and settle in new region. As an option a teammate can settle a cropper for you. On the previous server we chiefed our cropper from egyptians teammate as 6th village.

    4. Starts as teuton and settle teutons capital (advantage – brewery). This was our original plan on this server and brewery we used.

    Another advantage for both teut and huns origin, you start on troops earlier.

    5. Start whatever, play defense at the beginning as you wish and then you have 3-4 weeks free or easier time chief offensive tribe and go for the drill.

    6. Last and weird. Some will see it as a blasphemy and I am not even sure if it has merit. Probably subject for different thread, but I will mention it here for these who read till the end. Start as Egyptian and settle 7C 150%, make sure there is no 9C or 15C overlapping oases with your original settlers on day 1. With l17 fields it will provide you over 100K an hour. Chief offensive tribe for 4th. Only useful for highly desirable areas like Epidaruim or Delphi.

    Now tell me what you found wrong in this wall of text. Thanks for reading.

  • Last dance

    We did not put that much time into the game at the end, did not merge either, but still managed something reasonable. Two defensive accounts are leaving the game with 60K defense between them. All account built from own resources and the farm of the map. One of the objective was to show that the game can be played without teches and multies, and I am still hoping for some discussion and criticism....

  • thank you for guide, i will give it some time to understand for next game as i planned to change my style :)

    ok I read it now,Im willing to know 1 thing that is

    "If we chief a Teuton village(as 4th from whatever tribe), then settle village from that village (4th) a new village (5th).

    New village will be Teuton or the tribe of player?

    Good guide ,

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