How can someone make 8 new vilages in first day ? (X10)

  • hi

    10x speed server…om/Player/481-Tutankhamun

    first day, he settled 8 new villages

    how is it possible ?

    I think he can earn culture points by making buildings (he need MANY buildings with L10+)

    but how he get so many resources ?? (need to make residence L10 and 3 settlers in every village)

    as I know, first days trading is limited with ratio 1:1

    as I know, first days you can not raid players, oases ...

    for L10 residence you need 60k resources

    I am counting that he had many golds, + 25% production

    but it's still not enough

    so how does he did that ??

    what am I missing ?

  • server started 01.04

    getter started recording later

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